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Issues To Consider When Remarried But Never Divorced

Tim Blankenship here with and what we’re talking in this video is what happens if you are married and find …

LA County Family Law Now Allowing Judgments To Be E-Filed

Tim Blankenship here with And what we’re talking about today is Los Angeles County family law finally got their act …

Options On Serving California Divorce Summons When Spouse Out Of State

Hi, Tim Blankenship here with And I what I want to talk about today is the two different ways you …

YOU Are The ONLY Reason We Can’t Finalize Your Divorce Case

YOU are the only reason we can’t finalize your divorce case. What do I mean by this statement? I mean that …

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Why You Don’t Need A Divorce Attorney, One Paralegal’s Take On Divorce, Responsibility and Compromise is written by Tim Blankenship who is a Legal Document Assistant who handles 1000’s of divorce cases.

Tim’s objective is to open the eyes of people who are faced with going through a divorce to see that there are better ways of handling their divorce. Many people are not aware that there are alternatives to hiring a divorce attorney. They don’t know that there are other professionals like Tim who handle divorce cases in a more amicable, mediated type setting.