I get a ton of calls where people ask if we do divorce mediation. What I have found is that people are asking for divorce mediation, but many people do not require actual divorce mediation.

I consider divorce mediation to be someone sitting in a room with the spouses and helping them work out their issues. In my experience, I have found that most people are able to come to an agreement on their own and never need divorce mediation at all.

With our services, we do offer divorce mediation. We just don’t call it that.  As part of our full service divorce process, we will be discussing with you your options and provide solutions for your divorce. So while we are do provide a certain amount of divorce mediation, we simply don’t sell our services as mediation.

There is a common misunderstanding by some that divorce mediation is required. It is not! If you use our divorce service, you will not need a divorce mediator unless you, your spouse and I are unable to help you come to an agreement.

This happens in less than 5% of our cases.

The reason I explain this is because we get many people who have come to us either looking for mediation and after speaking with them determine that they don’t actually need divorce mediation, or people will call me after working with a mediator and all they have drafted up for them is a what is called a memorandum of understanding or MOU.

Here is the problem. Anybody can call themselves a divorce mediator. I could sell hourly divorce mediation, and I would be good at it, however that is not what we sell our services as. You see, to call yourself a divorce mediator means nothing. There are no rules, requirements or education in California that one needs to call yourself a divorce mediator.

So what I want to pass on to you is that it is likely that you don’t need a divorce mediator to finalize your case in California.

Give me a call and let’s talk about your issues and what you have going on with your divorce. I will be the first person to tell you if I think divorce mediation will be necessary just after one call with you.

If you do need actual professional paid mediation I will let you know once we get the process going.

Even if you need some divorce mediation, it is likely that it will be minimal.

The best part in starting with our divorce service is that issues will arise during the process. If I feel those issues would be better settled with a professional mediator to assist you with coming up with an agreement, I can refer you out at that time.

But it does not make sense to start with divorce mediation if you don’t even know what the issues are. If you don’t know what the issues are with your divorce, you will spend money that is unnecessary with the divorce mediator just trying to figure out what your issues are in the first place if any.

Let me make this easy. Give me a call. I will speak to you and we will have a conversation and I will tell you if divorce mediation makes sense.