I have interviewed numerous Marriage Counsellors, Marriage Therapists, Marriage Coaches, Divorce Coaches, Co-Parenting Coaches, Relationship Experts, CPA’s, Certified Divorce Financial Anaylysts, Dating Coaches, Psychotherapists and other similar experts.

I have put together this page with their resources, free and paid coaching programs, books and interviews.

Patti Handy – Financial Coach (Single, Divorced & Widowed Women)

Patti’s Books

Podcast Episode

Patti’s Website

Liam Naden – Expert Relationship Coach

Online Marriage Programs

Liam Naden’s Books

Podcast Interview

Rebecca Elizabeth Whitman – Women’s only Life Coach

Rebecca’s Books

Podcast Interview

Rebecca’s Website

Dr. Debi Silber – Post Betrayal Syndome Expert

Debi’s Books

Podcast Interview

Debi’s Website

Leslie Holthoff – Divorce & Co-Parenting Coach

Leslie’s Books

Podcast Interview

Leslie’s Website

Rachael Burns – CFP & Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (Women Only)

Podcast Episode

Rachael’s Website

Linda Lingo – Women’s Only Financial Coach

Podcast Interview

Linda’s Website

Andy Goldstrom – Co-Parenting Coach

Podcast Interview

Andy’s Website

Jamie Lima – CFP & Certified Divorce Financial Planner

Podcast Interview

Jamie’s Website

Dr. Ray & Jean Kadkhodaian – Husband & Wife Marriage Coach’s

Ray & Jean’s Books

Podcast Interview

Couples Synergy Website

John Gardner – Insurance Broker

Podcast Interview

John’s Website

Neil Palache – Financial Divorce Consultant For Women

Podcast Interview

Jeanell Greene – Marriage Coach

Podcast Interview

Jeanell’s Website

Leah Mazur – Post Divorce Recovery Coach

Podcast Interview

Leah’s Website

Emily Rassam – Certified Financial Planner for Single & Divorced Women

Podcast Interview

Emily’s Website

Jenny Townsend – Post Divorce Recover Coach

Podcast Interview

Jenny’s Website

Alana Page – Post Divorce Dating & Relationship Coach

Podcast Interview

Alana’s Website