I Received My Filed FL-165 For My Divorce | Is My Divorce Over?

When we handle a divorce case we file the FL-165, Request To Enter Default along with the judgment. It is just easier that way. That said, the Request To Enter Default form goes to the default clerk and processes those before the judgment clerk processes the judgment.

Every time my clients receive this filed FL-165, Request To Enter Default, they call or email me to ask if this is their final paperwork and if they should expect to receive anything else.


The Request To Enter Default form FL-165 is just the first part of your divorce judgment being processed. Generally, you can expect to receive your final judgment package back about 30 or so days after you receive the filed FL-165. I figured if my clients are asking about this, others have the same questions so hope this helps clarify.

How Do I Find My Los Angeles County Divorce Case Summary

Many people are not aware that you can look up your Los Angeles divorce case summary online. This is a useful tool when you want to verify that certain documents have been filed with the court. I use the court’s website daily when interacting with our divorcing clients. In this video I explain where you go to find your case summary for your divorce in Los Angeles County.


Van Nuys Divorce Paralegal Firm Forges Court Forms

One of the most frustrating things about my business is my supposed competitors. The majority of paralegal companies are not licensed and this industry is not regulated. Most people don’t know that you have to be a Legal Document Assistant in California to provide legal services. This takes a college degree, experience working with the court’s and training under an attorney.

We have this legal document assistant certification.


What is frustrating is that these unlicensed paralegal companies only marketing tool is to offer cheap discounted prices. Then what they do is forge fee waiver court forms so that the money that is supposed to be paid to the court in filing fees is pocketed by the company.

How To Fill Out California Divorce FL-150 When Self Employed

When You fill out the FL-150 for your California divorce and are self employed, you are going to fill out the FL-150 differently that you would if you were an employee. Essentially, you will not be completing the top of page 1 of the FL-150 as that is for people that are employed. Under the employer information, you can just write self employed. Make sure to fill out the rest of page 1 of the FL-150. Then on page 2 of the FL-150 you will see where it asks about business and self employment income. This is where you will indicate you are self employed or a business owner on the FL-150.


Do I Need A Specified Child Custody Schedule For My California Divorce

When you are going through divorce in California and have children, you are going to need to have a child custody order which is form FL-341. This is a 3 page form where you can get very specific about the custody arrangement.

Some people believe that because the child custody order goes into so much detail that they need to have a detailed child custody agreement. This is not the case. You can have a child custody agreement that simply says joint legal and joint physical custody.


You see, many of our clients don’t want a specified child custody schedule. Sometimes they don’t want the court’s involvement and sometimes they are amicable enough to figure out child custody schedules on an ongoing basis in the best interest of the children. Other times, the work schedules of the parents change so often that to have a specified child custody schedule would not make sense.

California Divorce FL-150 & Using Profit & Loss When Self Employed

If you are a small business owner and going through a divorce, you will complete the FL-150 Income & Expense Declaration slightly differently. First, you will not state your income on page 1 where is asks for employer information, rather you will use page 2 where it talks about business income.

I have found that many small business’s don’t keep monthly records up to date. So what do you do when you need to provide evidence of your income. Well, you are going to have to create a profit and loss statement.


This could be as simple as you going through your finances and using excel to show your income, cost of goods and expenses line item’d out so that it can be determined what you net income was each month. At a minimum you will likely need to do this for at least the last few months if going through a divorce in California for anything where you need to show income such as when one spouse is asking for spousal support.

How We Finalize California Divorce Cases Fast

We often have clients ask us how long the divorce process takes. I always say, “As fast as you can get me the information”. When parties going through divorce in California have all their agreements in place (i.e., custody, property division, etc.) I often have their entire California divorce completed the same day.

If both parties to the divorce are available to meet at the same time, we can usually get the divorce completely done in about 2 hours.


Keep in mind that even though we may get all the divorce paperwork completed and signed, we still have about 30 days of work behind the scenes to get the case filed, served and processed with the court.

California Divorce Judgment Rejected | FL-180 Issues & Corrections

California Divorce Judgment Rejected | FL-180 Issues & Corrections

This article and video will discuss the issues with submitting your divorce judgment to the court and specifically issues and reasons your FL-180, also known as the Judgment form can be rejected. The FL-180 Judgment form is essentially the first form or cover sheet if you will that is used when you submit your judgment package to the court.

So let’s talk about a few issues that you need to be aware of when preparing your divorce judgment package to avoid having it rejected, or if you are reading and watching this video because your divorce judgment package was rejected, this will help straighten things out for you.

Also, remember, if you are tired of dealing with your own divorce case, we are a full service divorce firm that can help wrap up your case regardless of where you are in the process. Please watch the video below. Further written instructions are below this video.


Reason # 1 Your FL-180 Divorce Judgment Will Be Rejected

FL-180 Must Be Used As The First Page

The FL-180 is the cover sheet to your judgment package. So if you are using an MSA or Marital Settlement Agreement, you will use the FL-180 as the cover sheet or top sheet and then place your MSA below it. The FL-180 is there for you to mark off the appropriate information. If using an MSA you will simply mark those boxes on page 2 of the FL-180 that are appropriate.
Reason # 2 Your FL-180 Divorce Judgment Will Be Rejected

FL-180 Must include an Original and 3 Copies

When you submit the FL-180 along with your judgment package, you need to have an original and 3 full copies. If you don’t have three copies, the court will reject your entire judgment just for this reason alone.

Reason # 3 Your FL-180 Divorce Judgment Will Be Rejected

FL-180 Must have the same names of the parties listed on the judgment and must be the same as listed on the Petition

It is critical the the names you use on the Petition and Summons are the same on the FL-180. In fact, the names that you use on the Summons and Petition need to be the same names you use on ALL of your court forms. For instance, if I use Tim S. Blankenship on my Petition, my name would need to appear exactly like this throughout all the divorce forms. If I then used Timothy S. Blankenship or Tim Blankenship or any other variation, the FL-180 will be rejected.

Reason # 4 Your FL-180 Divorce Judgment Will Be Rejected

Enter The Correct Jurisdiction Date Either That Respondent Was Served Or Appeared

This is the number 1 reason why the FL-180 gets rejected. I am talking about page 1 of the FL-180, #3. Here you need to enter the date that either the Respondent was served the Petition or that the Respondent Appeared, which means they filed their Response. If using the date of service, make sure to check your proof of service for the date it was actually served.

Ok, that about does it for the main reasons your FL-180 divorce judgment could be rejected. There are several more reasons, however these were the main 4 issues I see people having trouble with.

Make sure to give us a call if you are considering turning over your paperwork to have us handle your divorce case for you.


Moved From Orange County To Los Angeles : Where To File Your Divorce Case

When you are going through a divorce or about to start your divorce and you move, especially move to different county, you are going to have to decide where you want to file your divorce case. Keep in mind that there are ruled of where you can file as discussed below.

We had new clients that fell into this situation. They lived in Orange County where they were selling their home and in the meantime, both spouses moved to Los Angeles County. The problem the occurs here is that on the divorce Petition form FL-100, it states that at least one of the spouses in the divorce has to have lived in the State of California for at least 6 months and lives in the County they are filing for divorce in at least 3 months immediately prior to filing for divorce in that County.

So the question became where do we file their divorce case? In Los Angeles or Orange County? Here is what was decided and why. They had lived in Orange County for some time and had their primary residence there. Even though they have moved out of Orange County recently, they had most recently lived in Orange County for the 3 months prior to filing for divorce. Another problem that there was is that it would be difficult to file for divorce in Orange County using Los Angeles County addresses. The courts would call that into question.

So what we did is had them use their current address in Orange County so we could file the case in Orange County now. The other thing we could have done is wait the 3 months to file their divorce case in Los Angeles County. But as you can probably guess, waiting was not something that they wanted to consider. So we are filing their divorce case in Orange County.

I wanted to write and article and shoot a quick video on this because many folks find themselves moving either prior to starting their divorce or after filing their divorce. If you move out after filing for divorce, that does not change anything with the courts. Just make sure to complete a change of address with the court.

Where you live is only a concern when move prior to filing for divorce.

Just remember. Per the divorce Petition, you must live in California for 6 months and in the County for 3 months prior to filing for divorce in that county.

6 Months? Why Does Divorce Take 6 Months?

As much as I talk about divorce, the divorce process and explain things to clients, the one thing that just keeps coming up is how long the divorce process takes. We’ll it takes 6 months. Yep, 6 months. Why? Because the court’s want you to have a change to work on the relationship. That is all.

In this video we talk more about how to process your divorce paperwork. Some folks think they need to wait 6 months to turn in their divorce agreements or judgment which is not true. There are certain timeframe restrictions on filing paperwork, but you don’t have to wait 6 months to turn in your agreements. Watch this short video for more information.