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Hi, Tim Blankenship here. Yep, I am a real person and you can actually speak to me. We handle about 500 divorce cases a year and that is because we take care of our clients and do a great job. I have worked for the Los Angeles Superior Court’s Divorce court’s, worked with the judges, worked in a Law Firm and have had my business for several years.

You will not find a more qualified person to assist you with your divorce. Make sure to check out all our videos and podcasts… And when your ready, just pick up the phone and give me a call. One call with us and you will feel at ease about going through the (not so fun) thing we call divorce.

Here is q quick video that explains our divorce service.

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***A warning about illegal paralegal services***

We hold a Corporate Legal Document Assistant Registration which is the highest registration you can receive. If someone is offering similar services and are not a registered Legal Document Assistant they are an illegal business. Be Careful who you choose to help you with your divorce. If they do not have this registration with the County Clerk’s office, they cannot provide services to you legally. Make sure to ask anyone you decide to hire if they are a registered Legal Document Assistant and ask to see their card. Only Attorney’s and Legal Document Assistants can provide these services.

Most people offering paralegal services are not operating legally.  To become a Legal Document Assistant you have to have a college degree and have years of experience under the supervision of an attorney and court experience.  It is difficult to become a Legal Document Assistant, so most are not.

If someone is not a Legal Document Assistant it is because they don’t have the required education and experience!


Who We Are

We are a licensed and bonded legal document preparation company authorized to provide self help legal services directly to the public.  Legal Document Assistants were formerly called “Independent Paralegals”.  Legal Document Assistants provide fixed fee legal services.  Using a legal document assistant is the best way to get through the divorce process. In our case we specialize in divorce document preparation service.


We Specialize in Divorce

While we technically could provide numerous different legal services, we decided to specialize in divorce.  Because we exclusively deal with divorce issues, we are highly experienced in everything from completing the forms, to the divorce process and court procedure.  You won’t find another company in California with the level of knowledge and expertise in divorce document preparation service that we have.

We have years of experience in family law.  We have worked for some of the largest family law attorneys in Los Angeles County.  Additionally, we have worked in a majority of Superior Court Branches in Los Angeles County as well as volunteering 100’s of hours in the self help clinics.  When it comes to divorce, and divorce document preparation service, we know our way around.


Change The Way You Look At Divorce

At Divorce 661, we wanted to provide a divorce service that literally changes the way people think about the divorce process.  We want to radically shift the way people currently tend to go through the divorce process.

We wanted to create a service that truly helps people going through the divorce process.  You see, we have worked at major family law firms and watched as families were further torn apart by the divorce process.  Not only does divorce take an emotional toll, but it can very well be one of the most expensive undertakings you will have in your life. Our divorce document preparation service helps to avoid these issues.

It Does Not Have To Be This Way!

We believe that the divorce process does not have to be expensive and further tear your life apart.  We don’t believe that you should spend your savings or go into debt, so you can get through your divorce.  Most of the people who came through the law firm I worked for had no business hiring an attorney.  The fact is they did not have the money.  I watched as these folks spent countless thousands of dollars on attorney fees, only to later come to their senses and settle the issues among themselves.

Why not save yourself the trouble and work towards that in the beginning. Use our divorce document preparation service instead.

We Are Not Anti-Attorney

There are times when you need to hire a divorce attorney.  Divorce attorney’s play an important roll in our society.   However, we believe that you only need an attorney in a handful of situations such as when you need legal advice or representation in court.  When working with our firm, we will always advise you when we feel working with an attorney may be advantageous.

We have a great working relationship with many top attorneys.  We refer our clients to them for consultations when they have legal questions and we receive referrals from attorneys to help clients who want to get through the divorce for a flat fee.

Hire An Attorney For Limited Scope Representation

Limited Scope Representation (LSR) is used to hire an attorney for a specific function.  Usually this is to appear in court for you if you feel you need an attorney.  The great thing about limited scope representation is that once the attorney makes the appearance, you no longer are represented by them.

With this setup you get the best of both worlds.  You work with our legal document assistants which keeps your costs down.  If you need to go to court, you can hire an attorney temporarily.  You will only pay for the attorney’s time at the hearing, which also keeps your costs down.  This arrangement is the most cost effective way of getting through the divorce process.

 How The Divorce Process Works

divorce document preparation service LAThe divorce process can be difficult.  There are lots of forms to complete and the court procedure can be confusing.  Our legal document assistants are familiar with all the forms and have a complete understanding of court procedure.  We can walk you through every step of the divorce process.

Because the divorce process is mostly about completing lots of forms, we feel that it is unnecessary to hire an attorney to complete this paperwork.  Have our experienced divorce legal document assistants prepare your forms for you.

 We Are A Neutral 3rd Party

Because we are not attorneys, we can work with both spouses as a divorce document preparation service to help prepare your divorce paperwork.  This is something that attorneys are not able to do.  Our main objective is to facilitate the divorce process and get both spouses to work together.  Where this is not possible, we will work with either party.

We Serve All The Courts In California

We are familiar with and have worked with all the courts in California.  Regardless of where you live or where your case is (if you currently have one) we can help you.

Let’s Get Started!

Our divorce document preparation service is your best option for getting through the divorce process.  Give us a call today to discuss your particular situation.  We have helped hundreds of clients successfully complete the divorce process for a fraction of the cost of hiring an attorney.

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