I wanted to write this article on how to qualify for the College Fee Waiver in California for Service Connected Disabled Veterans.

Once I received my rating as being a Service Connected Disabled Veteran, I started researching on how to qualify for the California College Fee Waiver Program for Service Connected Disabled Veterans. There was not much discussion on the topic.


I am talking about the qualification under Plan B, which relates to Service Connected Disabled Veterans and the process of applying.

The only true way you will not qualify is in regards to the 1 page application in Section 1. Here is the rule. Your child can only receive income and financial support from you (housing, transportation, school supplies, medical, etc.) which has to be less than the current year national poverty line.

For 2016, this amount was $12,060. So whatever you do on the application, you cannot indicate that your child receives more than this. I will tell you that the information you supply is not verified. VA does not ask for anything related to showing how much your child is receiving in support! In fact, when I spoke to the VA on this issue, they said that previously, they didn’t even have a form or even a verification if the Veteran was in fact had a Service Connected Disability, and only instituted it after Veterans who did not qualify were being given this benefit in error.