This is a review of Divorce661 from Sherry of Valencia. She had hired an attorney for her divorce and unfortunately, they were not able to get the job done.

Sadly, we get many calls from clients who have hired attorneys and have spent countless $1000’s of dollars only to learn that their divorce case has not been completed and many times, very little was done.

I get calls all the time where the client says they paid $5,000 to an attorney and when I look at the court’s case summary online, see that all they did was file the initial divorce petition and that was it.

I tell people all the time that $5,000 doesn’t get you very far when attorneys are charging $400 per hour.

Here is the review Sherry left for us.

“Tim is awesome!! I had an attorney that was really taking me for a ride not only financially but not even following rules they should. I found Tim on Yelp and couldn’t be more satisfied. He speaks to you clearly and explains everything. He really truly wants to help that’s not easy to find these days. I highly recommend him! I feel relieved he’s a savior :)”


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