You know it is hard to get people to write a review about your business when your business is about divorce. I am sure there are plenty of more people who would like to write a review about our business but don’t want their personal information to be seen by the public.

So when we get a review we are extremely grateful. Even is it is just a one-liner, I don’t care.

For instance, Pamela left us a great review that was short and sweet.

Tim and Aja made this experience as pain free as possible.   We couldn’t have done it without them. Very professional.  They had everything wrapped up in a matter of weeks.


Again, we area able to get divorce cases done very quickly.  Many people ask us, “how long will it take to complete my divorce?” And my answer is usually the same. I tell folks that we can get your divorce case done as quickly as you can get us the information we need to complete your divorce.

Often, people call and make an appointment with us and explain that they want to bring their spouse and all their agreements and have everything completed at this single appointment.  And we are able to do that so long as you have all the information we need.

If you want to go this route, just make sure to let us know so we can explain in detail what information you will need to bring so we can complete your divorce in a single meeting.

Again, we often do this and, of course, the appointment will take a bit longer, usually no longer than 2 hours however.

Thank you for reading this Divorce 661 review.

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