What is divorce document preparation?

The document preparation services that Legal Document Assistants provide have been around for quite some time.  However, there is not a lot of public awareness about what we actually do.  We intend to change all that.

As legal document assistants we are authorized by the County of Los Angeles to provide self help legal services directly to the public.  The County of Los Angeles has specific requirements to become licensed.  This includes meeting specific educational requirements as well as carrying a bond.  Because of the stringent requirements to qualify to become a legal document assistant, there are less than 600 licensed legal document assistants registered in the County of Los Angeles.  The County of Los Angeles has been licensing legal document assistants since 2000.  That’s just 46 licensed legal document assistants per year.

We Specialize in Divorce Document Preparation

We are different than the others.  While most other legal document assistants attempt to provide as many services as possible, we have chosen to specialize in divorce and other family law related matters.  This is because family law is very complex.  And because we specialize, we are one of the most knowledgeable legal document assistants in Los Angeles County.

You Don’t Need An Attorney To Get Divorced!

The majority of people who go through the divorce process, do so without needing or using a divorce attorney.  Of those that do represent themselves, many use the services of a legal document assistant company to help them prepare their divorce documents for them.

Divorce paperwork is confusing and there is a lot of it.  don’t take the chance of delaying your case by filing your paperwork incorrectly.  Using our divorce document service is you best bet to ensure your divorce documents are prepared, filed and served correctly.

To get started, just give us a call to discuss your specific needs.  We would be happy to walk you through our process and show you how easy and affordable our services are.