Best Value Divorce In Antelope Valley

We provide the best value when it comes to getting a divorce in Antelope Valley.  We know you don’t want to spend a fortune on your divorce, but at the same time want a high level of professionalism and for us to get the job done.  Join the hundreds of satisfied clients who have used our divorce services.

Don’t Struggle Trying To Do This Yourself

Half of our business comes from folks who have not started the divorce process and want us to complete it for them.  The other half is from folks who have struggled on their own and tried to figure it out, only to realize that they were wasting too much time and still getting it wrong.  What’s worse is they were also losing money by taking time off of work sitting in the long lines of the self help centers, only to realize they have a long way to go.

Don’t waste your valuable time and money.  Give us a call today to learn how we can make this as fast and painless as possible.

Benefits Of Working With Us

  • We are the only Licensed and Bonded Legal Document Preparation firms who specializes in divorce
  • Flat fee pricing plan.  Know all your costs up front
  • We are a neutral third party.  We work with both spouses for the same low flat rate
  • Amazing customer service.  You phone call answered every time by our full time reception staff
  • We help you navigate the court process when you need court intervention
  • We take care of completing all paperwork, filing all documents and serving all forms
  • No questionnaire’s to fill out.   You get one-on-one personalized service
  • Attorney quality divorce document preparation

We Provide A Full Service Divorce Process

We will fill out every form, file every document with the court and serve every form that needs to be served.  All you will do is supply us with information and provide us with necessary documentation.  You won’t have to waste your time trying to figure these things out. It’s all included.  We can even complete your entire divorce over the phone.  Never have to come to our office!

We Know Court Forms and Procedure

For the last several years we have and continue to work as interns with the Los Angeles Superior Court at Michael Antonovich Antelope Valley Courthouse where your case will be filed .  We are in the court rooms and work with the clerk’s office on a weekly basis.  Due to this, we are completely familiar with the court process and changing rules.  This means that we can explain the divorce process from the court’s point of view.  We are the only legal document assistant firm that does this.

What is This Going To Cost Me?

We provide all this for a low flat rate as low as $599.00.   Make sure to ask us how we can save you $435.00 in court filing fees.

Give us a call right now at 661-281-0266.  We will provide you with a free initial consultation.  We know that once you speak to us you will know we are the right choice in assisting you with your divorce.



MY HERO: “Tim Blankenship” ! ! I was looking for a hassle free divorce without having to pay for attorneys and going to court etc. I was soo fortunate to find Tim. He is a neutral third party with a flat fee and no interest in sucking you dry with hourly charges. He simply listens, and then with amazing speed and skill sends you all the appropriate paperwork to get the ball rolling ! It’s just what I was looking for, someone to take care of all the nasty paperwork, and all I need to do is sign on the dotted line !! Divorce is rough to go thru, but with Tim at least you have someone taking care of you!

Stacey McKernan – Palmdale, CA


I can’t thank Tim B., the owner of SCV Legal Doc Assist enough for his expertise and guidance in the preparation of the courts documents which were necessary for me to file concerning my divorce proceedings. I was frustrated and fed up with having divorce lawyers bleed me dry with high hourly rates and exorbitant retainer fees just to have a motion filed on my behalf. I’m a smart guy, and I can represent myself in court, but I have no idea how to negotiate the process of filling out all the proper paper work and filing it with the courts. What Tim’s company offers is unquestionably a better alternative than being gouged by high priced attorneys. Tim made it very easy and painless. I told him what I was trying to accomplish with the courts and he took over from there. He emailed me all the paper work I needed and made sure it was filled out properly before it was sent to the courts. Tim is very professional and it’s obvious he knows the divorce legal system very well. I can’t recommend Tim’s company highly enough to anyone who is thinking of getting a divorce or having to file motions concerning their existing divorce. Don’t throw your money away on high priced lawyers!! If you can represent yourself in court, then do yourself and your bank account a favor and call Tim at SCV Legal Services. His prices are very reasonable and his legal services are second to none. Thanks again Tim for all your help!

Dan G. – Lancaster, Ca


In this world of confusing and excessive legal requirements, Tim cuts through it with incredible speed, and accuracy. He is a great listener, and while he is a neutral 3rd party, he guides you in an excellent manner. Would definitely recommend.

Larry K. – Lancaster, Ca


I really appreciated your help preparing a motion.  I just could not get my head around trying to do it on my own.  Your services are very succinct and I really liked how you used the GoToMeeting web service.  I did not have to leave my home and yet was able to watch you prepare the motion right on my computer.

Fred E. – Venice, CA


When working in the real estate industry – everything is by reputation.  If you take advantage of others – your business is short lived.  Especially in today’s light of “consumer review” websites such as yelp.

We are very proud of the results that SCV Legal Doc Assist has been able to get for the clients we refer their way.  While not an attorney, he will not discount the necessity of using an attorney in cases that mandate them.

That was the first thing that we noticed.  With many clients that have given us positive feedback, the most recent came from Karla and Donne’.  Both of which were working with an attorney with regard to their uncontested divorce.  It was really sad when they came to both Paris and I to have their home “liquidated” – sold.  After we spoke for a while something did not sound right about their current legal process.

It old them to reach out to SCV Legal doc assist and talk with Tim. They did and they called us raving about how they were treated and how much they saved.  Typically in service industries you get what you pay for.  That really applies to a company with a “no nonsense” method as apparently exists with SCV legal Doc assist in SCV.

When clients call us back regard those whom we referred them to, with positive feedback and stories we cannot help but smile all over.  Thanks for taking such GREAT care of those we refer – it is very honoring…

Connor MacIvor – Paris911 ReMax