How To File Divorce Petition California

While our full service divorce packages are going to save you a lot of money, there may be a reason why you want to start with just the initial filing for divorce, just the Response or to do your financial disclosures or just the judgment. Whatever you reasons are, we have broken down our pricing into Al-La-Carte pricing so you can choose to do one service or another.

Filing your California divorce Petition is the first step in starting the divorce process in California.  There are actually 4 forms you need that all need to be completed in order to file for divorce in California.

What We Do For You?

This service is still done in a full-service capacity.  We don’t just prepare your divorce documents and send you on your way!  No, we prepare them and will file and serve them at no additional cost. This means we will take your divorce papers down to the Courthouse and file them as well as assist in having them served.  You will have additional fees for the court fee to file which is currently $435 and if you need us to help assist you with having these initial documents served, we can arrange a process server for you..

What Is This Going To Cost?

Again, most people opt to use one of our full service divorce options because we have discounted our pricing when we are handling your entire California divorce.

But if you choose to just start with having us file your California divorce case, we charge $400 for this service.  The court fee is $435 and if you need us to arrange a process server for you the cost is $95.00.

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