We are a Los Angeles County licensed and bonded legal document preparation firm based in Los Angeles and serve all the  courts in Los Angeles County.  We are making available our automated divorce forms which allow you to complete all the divorce forms by answering a questionnaire which will automatically fill out the forms for you.

Other companies are charging anywhere from $149.00 to $399.00 and more to use this software.  We are giving it to you absolutely free!

No Tricks Or Gimmicks

You can register and get immediate access to the forms.  There are no tricks or gimmicks here.  Some companies have you fill out the entire questionnaire, only to make you pay to download the forms at the end.  Not us, they are completely free.

Nothing Is Free Right?  So What’s The Catch?

The free automated document assembly service you will use will be a huge help to you and will simplify the divorce process.   Folks just like you get through the entire divorce process in Los Angeles without any assistance.  If you have the time, patience and persistence to complete your divorce all on your own, we say do it.

So the catch is this.  For those folks who realize they don’t have the time or patience or have difficulty with the divorce process, we hope you come to us to use our paid divorce document preparation service.  That’s it!

Click Here to access the free divorce document assembly software.

Please give us a call if you would like to discuss our personalized divorce document preparation service.