$1,234 (Includes $435 Court Filing Fee)

Our full service California divorce no children or assets and debts packages are our most popular choices.  For one flat-fee price, we take care of everything related to your divorce.  Not only do we complete all the forms, but we handle the court processes as well.  We will take care of filing your California divorce, serving the divorce papers, process all the financial disclosures and prepare your final agreements also known as the Judgment. Once that is done, we will handle all the procedural issues and file your final divorce papers.

Here is a breakdown of our Full Service California Divorce No Children OR Assets and Debts

Step 1 – First, we will prepare your initial divorce documents for your divorce. These are the necessary forms that the court needs to open or start your divorce case.  It is what the divorce court needs to issue a case number.  The reason we do this as a first step is so that we can quickly have your divorce started so we can then serve your spouse. Read More About How We Serve. Once we

Step 2 – Second, we will prepare your preliminary declaration of disclosure also known as PDD’s.  This is a series of 4 forms and worksheets designed to declare your assets and debts and income and expenses.  Even though this service is for “no assets or debts” the disclosure process is still mandatory.

Step 3 – Third, we prepare your judgment.  There are numerous judgment and final procedural forms. This is where all the agreements are documented.  While you may not have any assets or debts, there may be other issues or agreements you want to address such as spouasal support and things like that.

Step 4 – Finally, once all documents are drafted and all parties have signed all the divorce papers, we will prepare your documents for final review to the court.  Once we submit the final documents to the court, on average, the court is taking approximately 90 days to review and approve the final divorce papers.

Now, because there are no assets or debts or children involved, and the agreements are very minor in nature, we have been known to complete the entire divorce case in a single meeting.  This usually take about 2 hours and we enlist our staff to help prepare all the divorce forms in a single meeting.  This is workable if both parties are in total agreement and are able to be at the meeting at the same time.

Our full service California divorce with no children or assets or debts is currently offered at a discounted package price of $1,234 (Includes $435 Court Filing Fee).

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