Let me first start by saying that our costs are less expensive than LegalZoom and we provide a full service divorce process.

We get a lot of clients who have tried the legalzoom divorce process only to fail and come to us to correct and complete their divorce.  Save yourself time, frustration and money and give us a call.

Compare Our Divorce Services

We provide a full service process including:

  • Prepare All Your Forms
  • File All Your Forms With Court
  • Serve All Documents
  • Prepare Final Agreement
  • No Questionnaires To Complete
  • You Don’t Have To Go To Court
  • You Won’t Have To Figure Out Process
  • We Help With Spousal Support And Child Support Determination
  • We Explain The Divorce Process
  • Local Offices In Santa Clarita
  • We Save You $435 on Filing Fees

With LegalZoom the process is much different. You will have to do all the work such as:

  • You Will Complete All The Paperwork
  • You Will Have To Go To Court And File Forms
  • They Do Not Review Your Documents
  • You Will Have To Serve All Documents
  • You Will Have To Pay 2 Filing Fees ($870) – Ouch!
  • You Will Have To Read 20 Page Confusing Instruction Manuel
  • Complete Long, Long Questionnaires
  • And Still Be Confused About What Is Going On
  • Nobody To Call With Questions About Local Procedure
  • The List Goes On And On

We would love to help you with your divorce In Santa Clarita.   Please give us a call for a free consultation at 661-281-0266.