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Yes, we handle Paternity filings…

First, what is Paternity and why is it important to establish? First, to “establish paternity” means to establish the father of the child as the father through the eyes of the court. This is important because until the father is established as the father, he technically has no custodial or visitation rights and the child does not have the benefits normally received as being the child of the father.

But why would you have to do that if the father is on the birth certificate? Good question. Not to get too technical on you, but when one is married, the children of the parents are “presumed” to be theirs simply because they are married.

But when you are not married, there is no “presumption” of who the father is and why you have to establish this through the eyes of the court.

Now, this does not mean the father of the child is being challenged. You don’t have to get a DNA test to be established as the father of the child.

To establish paternity is a court process where a petition for paternity can be filed by either the mother or father and can be uncontested or contested (you could request a DNA test if you feel you may not be the father) but generally both parties are in agreement to who the father is only custody and child support are issues that would need to be agreed upon or determined through a paternity hearing.

We can help you get through the paternity process by taking care of everything from paperwork to court filings to finalizing your paternity case.

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