Did you start your own divorce and now having difficulty in preparing your final divorce judgment and having it approved by the court?

Well, you are not alone and we have a service for you.  We will prepare your final divorce paperwork known as the divorce judgment or divorce marital settlement agreement.  We will even do all the final preparation needed to submit or resubmit your divorce judgment or divorce marital settlement agreement.

In addition, we will review all your previously filed documents to make sure your California divorce case is not rejected for other reasons related to previously filed divorce paperwork that you did prior to contacting us.

You just send us all your documents and we will sort it out for you, made any needed changes and complete the remainder of your divorce paperwork. We work directly with the court so you won’t have to spend time at the courthouse .

We provide this service on a flat fee basis as we do all of our services and charge just $500 to complete the last part of your divorce for you.