When you are going through a California Divorce, one of the mandatory requirements is that you serve your spouse with your Financial Disclosures also known as the Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure.

The following forms are part of the Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure:

  • Income & Expense Declaration Form FL-142
  • Schedule Of Assets And Debts Form FL-150
  • Declaration of Disclosure Form FL-140
  • Declaration Regarding Service Of Declaration Of Disclosure Form FL-141

What Is The Preliminary Declaration Of Disclosure For?

Some of these forms are filed with the court and some of them are not. This is a mandatory step in the divorce process and both parties need to complete their Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure.

There is a right way to complete the Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure and there is a wrong way.  The correct way is to prepare copies of statements from all assets and debts. This means copies of bank statements, loans, credit cards, student loans, pensions, etc.  And even though both parties have to serve what is usually the same documents to each other, it is required.

The idea is that by disclosing what you know to the other party, you might uncover assets or debts the other person was not aware of and can therefore come up with a fair distribution of assets and debts during the divorce process.

What We Do For You And Cost

While preparing and filing your Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure is part of our Full-Service pricing as well, sometimes you may just want to have us prepare and file your Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure, so we have created an al-la-carte pricing for this.

We will prepare your Preliminary Declaration of Disclosures as discussed above.  We will file the appropriate forms with the court and handle the procedural aspects of serving them on your spouse as well.  Even though you are paying for a single service, we do provide it as a full-service option.

Our fee for this is just $400.  We don’t charge for photocopies, emails, phone calls or hourly fees.  What you see is what you get with our flat fee pricing.

Please call us for a free consultation for more information about our divorce services at 661-281-0266.