This service includes preparing motions (Request For Orders), Responses to Request For Orders and Ex-Parte Request For Orders

We have full service options for your Request For Order and we also have a Do-It-Yourself online self help center.  You can click here to learn more about the do-it-yourself service.

Remember, experience counts when you are looking for someone to help you file a Request For Order or Respond to a Request For Order.  I have worked for the Los Angeles Superior Court system in the divorce courts and for family law attorneys for years.

Preparing motions and responding to motions known as Request For Orders can be one of the most difficult objectives to accomplish.  Forget about all the procedural things you need to do just to get into court to have the judge hear your issue.  I am talking about the issue of how to write the actual motion. How to draft your requests properly so that you can achieve what you want.

I have been writing declarations for Motions and Responses to Motions (Request For Orders) for years. There is a certain way to do it to achieve the best results possible.  When you hire us you get our years of experience in completing 1000’s of Request For Orders and Responses.

Here Is What This Service Handles (Filing A New Request For Order)

1.   Free Consultation

I start with a free consultation to discuss your particular situation.   I want find out what exactly it is that you are trying to achieve with your Request For Order.  I want to learn about the issues so I can formulate a strategy that will achieve the best results.  We handle Request For Orders both before your divorce is finished (to obtain temporary orders prior to judgment) or Post Judgment (to modify some terms of your divorce)

In some cases, I may even advise against filing a Request For Order for one reason or another.  Perhaps you would be better served by us drafting a Stipulation & Order or maybe it is a child support or spousal support issue you want to modify and when we run the numbers, it turns out that it would not be in your best interest at this time.  I will give you a fair assessment before we move forward.  Based upon our conversation, I may make certain recommendations as well.

2.  Drafting Of The Declaration for the Request For Order (or Response)

When you file a Request For Order it has to be done in a certain way.  The Request For Order needs to meet certain legal requirements and procedural requirements.  We will take care of all of that.  From the drafting of the declaration standpoint, there certainly is a specific way it is to be done.  After we have spoken and I have taken notes, I will draft the declaration.  I will send a first draft of the Request For Order for your review and probably have some questions for you that came up while drafting your declaration.

We will go through a few revisions, however we usually have the Request For Order declaration in file ready shape within one or two revisions.

As part of the Request For Order declaration we will attach as exhibits any evidence or supporting documentation that helps to make the case for what you are trying to achieve.

3.  File Your Motion (Request For Order) or Response With The Court

We are a full service divorce paralegal firm (Legal Document Assistants) and will take care of filing your request for order with the court.

One we have your signatures on all the required paperwork, we will take it down to the Court your divorce case is in and obtain you a court date.  We will make sure to check with you to see if you have any “dark” days as the court calls it where you are not available to appear (vacations, etc.)

If your Request For Order has anything to do with children we will also need to obtain a mediation date as well.  So you will have 2 dates you need to appear in this case as the mediation date is seldom on the same date as the hearing and usually occurs several days or weeks before the actual court date in front of the judge.

4.  Serving The Request For Order (or Response)

There are two different ways your request for order need to be served:

If your divorce case is still pending, your request for order can be served by mail. So can the Response to the request for order.  This is because the divorce case is pending and in progress so there is an expectation of receiving court related documents in the mail.

If your divorce is finalized, known as “post judgment” any Request For Order will need to be served by personal service. We can assist with this if you don’t have anyone you know that could do this for you.  We can arrange to have your request for order served by process server.

5.  Follow Up After Request For Order Filed & Served

After your request for order is filed and served, the other party will have an opportunity to respond.  We will happily review any response for you at your request.

Timeframes For Request For Orders

With the Request For Order, it needs to be served on the other party by personal service no later than 17 court days prior to the court date. If you are serving by mail you have to add 5 calendar days to that.

Timeframes For Responses To Request For Orders

If you have received a Request For Order and need to file a Responsive Declaration, you only have 9 court days before the court date to file and serve your response by personal service.  This means that your response has to be in the hands of the other party and filed with the court.  Again, add 5 calendar days to that if you are serving by mail.

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