When it comes to propounding (requesting) or responding to discovery, there are several different types of requests.  The most common forms of discovery are:

  • Form Interrogatories
  • Special Interrogatories
  • Demand For Production of Documents

When going through a divorce, the discovery process can become very expensive.  This is because it is very labor intensive to go through each of the questions, prepare a response and produce evidence of the item requested.  I have seen interrogatories with upwards of 50 questions.

When I worked for a law firm handling family law and divorce, we would easily burn through $5,000 of a client’s retainer in just a couple of days.

When you hire us to prepare or respond to discovery for your divorce or other family law related matter, we will prepare attorney quality production of your documents.  This means that you can represent yourself in your divorce case and still have professionally prepared discovery documents without spending thousands upon thousands of dollars.

Please call us to discuss preparation of discovery or responding to discovery you may have been served with.