Full Service Santa Clarita Uncontested Divorce Service

We are a full service uncontested divorce service in Santa Clarita.  This means we will prepare, file, serve and complete your entire divorce case for you.

No questionnaires here.  We fill out your forms for you.  All you need to do is provide us with the information and sign.

Here is how our service can help you:

  • We prepare, file and serve all documents
  • Full Service – No going to court!
  • One Low Flat Fee
  • We help with child support and spousal support determination

We are a legal document assistance company that provides fixed fee divorce services directly to the public.  We are licensed and bonded by the County of Los Angeles to work directly with the public to provide legal services.  We are not attorneys nor do we have an attorney in our office.  This is why we are able to provide our divorce legal services at prices everyone can afford.

We Specialize in Divorce

We have years of experience helping our clients get through the divorce process without going broke.  Our years of experience come from not only working for some of Santa Clarita’s largest family law firms, but we have also worked inside the family law court rooms.  In addition, we volunteer countless hours in the courts self help family law department.

You Don’t Need An Attorney To Get Divorced!

The majority of people who go through the divorce process, do so without needing or using a divorce attorney.  Of those that do represent themselves, many use the services of a legal document assistant company to help them prepare their divorce documents for them.

Divorce paperwork is confusing and there is a lot of it.  Don’t take the chance of delaying your case by filing your paperwork incorrectly.  Using our divorce document service is your best bet to ensure your divorce documents are prepared, filed and served correctly.

Call us right now at 661-281-0266 for a free consultation.