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We provide divorce mediation services in Sherman Oaks and across California, either in person, via conference call or video call. Appointments are made at your convenience including after hours.

At Divorce661, we take a different approach to divorce mediation.  Most, if not all, divorce and family law mediators start with mediation before the divorce process.  This means that they can spend weeks or months with folks and the court process has not yet begun. What happens is that the court process is delayed during this time.

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Additionally, most divorce mediators don’t offer the back end court filing and processing. At Divorce661 Divorce & Mediation Service, we handle both the divorce processing and divorce mediation so you have only one company to assist you to a successful judgment with the court.

We, on the other hand, start the process with the court and handle the mediation during the divorce process (if actually needed). Our approach is to first start off by filing your divorce case through one of our flat fee divorce packages.  Then as we move through the paperwork, if you and your spouse run into trouble or need assistance with reaching an agreement, we can begin divorce mediation sessions at that time.

This way you are only paying for the mediation process only after it is determined you actually need mediation beyond the services offered with our flat fee divorce service. And is the case with most of our clients, people need mediation less than 10% of the time.

We are flexible, so if you do prefer to start with divorce mediation before we file any paperwork with the court, we can do that as well. It is just your preference.

Divorce mediation is not necessary or required in California to finalize your divorce.  Why try to mediate your divorce before you even know if you need it?  We have lots of folks who call us looking specifically for mediation and either based on the initial conversation or during the process, it is determined that they never needed divorce mediation in the first place.

Divorce Mediation Fees:

We do not have a large retainer for divorce mediation and instead charge hourly as we go. We charge in 3 hour blocks of time and have an hourly divorce mediation rate of $200 which is below the industry standard.  We have found that many mediation’s can be completed in this time for more simple mediation cases.  The average time one can expect for meditation is about 10 hours, however it takes as long as it takes in some cases to assist you coming up with the best solutions possible for your divorce.

Our mindset is to do whatever it takes to assist you to coming to a successful agreement. The fact of the matter is, there is just to much to lose. If you are unable to come to an agreement, you’re looking at the high cost of attorneys, trials, not to mention the emotional toll it will take. And trust me when I say you won’t get a better judgment from a judge, that you could through professional divorce mediation.

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In contrast, most mediators treat their business as a law firm and many are attorneys themselves offering mediation services. We have found that most mediators have adopted a “retainer agreement” business model. This model only serves the business, not the client. On average our mediation clients are advising us they are being quoted $5,000 to $7,500 for mediation services and then being billed at a rate of $400 to $500 per hour.

Give me a call and let’s talk about your issues and what you have going on with your divorce. I will be the first person to tell you if I think divorce mediation will be necessary just after one call with you.

Let me make this easy. Give me a call. I will speak to you and we will have a conversation and I will tell you if divorce mediation makes sense.

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