3 Day Weekend, 13 Hours & Not Going To Santa Barbara

My 3 Day Weekend – Not

While it is a 3 day weekend for some, it certainly is not for me.  I don’t think I have had a 3 day weekend since I have started this business.  Because when you are a business owner, you are always working.  Our offices might be closed, but I am always working.

Point in fact, I am sitting here at home writing this article and earlier in the morning was recording videos and posting them on my Divorce661 Facebook page.

When I even hint at complaining about feeling like I am always working, my wife is always there to remind me of all the good things that come with owning a business. And she is right.  My wife works hard.  She is up by 5 and out the door by 6 to be in Los Angeles by 8.  She takes the Metrolink and isn’t home until 7:30 p.m.  At least my business has the flexibility for me to leave the office as necessary to take our son to his tutoring and the other activities he needs to get to.

The thing about owning a business is that it is always on your mind.  For me, I am always thinking of how to generate business.  Always thinking about marketing and much of that occurs in the evening or on the weekends since most of my Monday through Friday during business hours is spent working with clients.

13 Hours – The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi

Today I took my wife and son to see the movie 13 Hours – The secret Soldiers of Benghazi. I really enjoy movies that are based on true stories and this one said “This is a true story” it did not say based on so I assume they stuck to much of what actually happened.  The other thing I enjoy is watching military type movies and thrillers.

This is probably from my having been in the Military.  But this movie kept you on the edge of you seat and was a great, great movie.  My wife even said she wanted to see it again and I there were no complaints from our son.  And I won’t get into my personal politics or feelings about what happened in Benghazi.

Not Going To Santa Barbara

My birthday was this past Wednesday on the 13th.  We did not do anything fancy, in fact we did nothing and was just a regular day.  So my wife said we could do whatever I wanted on the weekend.  So I booked three nights in Santa Barbara at an RV Resort names Flying Flags.  I had never been there but saw a friend post on Facebook how much they liked it there a few months ago.

I could tell that my wife was pretty exhausted from the week and decided to call it off.  I made up a story about having a lot of things to do for the business.  My wife is way tougher than me and would never say anything, especially if it was something I wanted to do.  So I knew that if I did not call it off, she would not either.  She would just go and not complain.  In fact she would just make the best of it and you wouldn’t know if she was not feeling well or not.

So we did not go to Santa Barbara for the weekend and just stayed home. She slept 10 hours and did not wake up until 9 am on Saturday which proved to me that I was on track and she needed her rest.  Right now in fact we put on a movie from Netflix and I just looked over and while I write this she has passed out and is sleeping.  It is only 5 p.m. I knew she needed to rest.

As much as feel like I am working, I do enjoy writing these personal posts.  Not so much for other people to read them, which people like you obviously do, which is great.  But I actually enjoy writing just for writing. And perhaps when I am gone one day, these articles I write can be viewed by my wife and children as sort of a diary.

My daughter who is in college now just returned from the gym at LA Fitness and went by Wal-Mart to grab a few things from the house.

Well enough of the personal posts, I have to get back to uploading videos to my blog and to Youtube.

Talk to you tomorrow.  Tim