Have You Heard Of The 90 Day Divorce In Santa Clarita

Have You Heard Of The 90 Day Divorce In Santa Clarita

Have you been reading the Magazine of Santa Clarita recently? I do, just to see who is advertising in the “with your family” section.

I am mostly interested to see what divorce attorneys are advertising and what marketing ploy they have.

For the last 2 months I have seen this advertising from a local Santa Clarita attorney who is marketing, “Just 90 days to divorce”. There is even a website in the same name. I went to the website to learn more information, but it was mostly being used as a landing page where you can email the attorney for more information so she knows where the lead came from.

The advertisement is suggesting that there is just 90 days to divorce and by using this service you will save time and money.

Lets clear a couple of things up. You can’t get divorced in 90 days. It is legally impossible. This is because of California’s cooling off period which basically says your divorce cannot be finalized until 6 months have passed.

So it is an interesting marketing ploy and the intention is to offer mediation services through the law firm and they suggest this is a cheaper way of going instead of litigating your case and each having an attorney.

I will applaud the fact that this divorce attorney is interested in helping people save money on their divorce, but it may be a little bit of trick to say you can get divorced in 90 days.

What they are suggesting is that through mediation you may save money and be able to figure things out in 90 days. You won’t be divorced in 90 days.

It appears that the intention of the add it to get emails from folks who are interested in saving money on their divorce and want to get it over with quickly.

If you are truly looking for an affordable divorce, you should give us a call. We have been providing affordable divorce services in Santa Clarita for several years.

We can get your divorce completed in less than 90 days, at least the paperwork that is. We can’t do anything about the California law that says you have to wait 6 months before approving your divorce.