California Divorce | A Brief Overview Of The Divorce Process

California Divorce | A Brief Overview Of The Divorce Process

I just wanted to give a quick brief overview of the divorce process very topical.

I talk in detail, in great detail in a lot of my videos about specific forms and how to do things and processes but I’m just going to give a basic overview of how divorce works in California and this applies anywhere in California.

Same procedure anywhere and we do specialize in California divorce and we can help you with your divorce if that’s what you’re looking for.

But I want to just give you a basic overview. This is probably something I say twenty five times a day with every new client that calls us saying, “How does it work?”

This is what the divorce overview looks like. One of you needs to decide who’s going to file for a divorce. Once you do that, you’ll fill out the initial divorce documents which would be the summons and petition.

There are some other documents if you have children, perhaps a local form.

Those are the initial documents you need to file to open your case.

You take your documents down. You’ll file it with the court. You’ll get a case number issued. The next step is you need to serve your spouse.

You can serve your spouse in a couple of ways. It can be done by mail. I’ve done a video on this as well, on how to do it by mail. Or you can have a friend or anyone over eighteen other than you, personally serve the documents and then you’d file the proof of service with the court to let the court know that’s been done.

The next step is to complete your financial disclosures. This is the income and expense, schedule of assets and debts and then you have to file the document to the court to let them know that you have completed the disclosure process.

The purpose of disclosure is to let each of the parties know that this is what you believe to be the assets and debts of the marriage, both of you are responsible for doing that and this process cannot be waived.

Once that’s done, you effectively have the list of all the property, assets and debts that needed to be divided and you can then use that as a guide in how you’re going to divide up your things.

When you go and do that, you will prepare a judgment and that judgment will have everything on there that had to do with your marriage.

It’ll determine property rights. It’ll let the court know who’s getting what. If you have children, you’ll take about custody and visitation plans. You’ll also address spousal support and child support and those will go in the final judgment or agreement, however you want to call it and that will be submitted to the court for review and ultimately the judge will sign it.

Now, it sounds very simple and it can be but obviously the paperwork is confusing. That’s why we’ve been able to run an effective business in preparing divorce documents in California for folks.

So please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you’re looking for help to do that. We have established ourselves in California as the go to company for divorce document preparation.

We have streamlined systems in place. Several staff members waiting to help you out and we can help you anywhere in California so please feel free to give us a call.

You can visit our YouTube channel at or just go to where we have plugged in to our website our pod casts, our videos, tutorials and everything and more that you want to know about divorce in California.

Tim Blankenship,, please feel free to give us a call. I’d love to help you out.