Cheap Affordable Divorce Los Angeles

Cheap Affordable Divorce Los Angeles

I have a licensed and bonded legal document preparation firm. We specialize only in divorce in Los Angeles County and we do serve all the Los Angeles County courts.

We’re a full service firm which means that we do take care of everything from start to finish.

We’re going to file your paperwork. We’re going to prepare your paperwork so you’re not going to have to figure out what forms to use. We’re going to file your papers with the court, we’re going to take them down so you won’t have to.

We’re going to serve your document on your spouse; we can do that by mail or by personal service – it’s your option.

We’re going to do all your financial declarations. We’re going to run you through the entire process, complete your final judgment and get your case complete for one, cheap, affordable, flat rate.

No talking about process, our prices start anywhere from $599 – really depends on the amount of work we’re going to be doing for you. However, the good news is that when you use our service, we’re going to help you avoid paying some of the court fees.

When you file for divorce, you’re going be required to pay two filing fees. When you file your petition, you’re going to have to pay $435. When your spouse files a response, they’re going to have to pay $435.

We use a process where by only one fee will be paid this saving you $435.

Those fees will then help offset the cost of our service and then allows us to take the case from you, do everything for you, saving you time, money and frustration in the divorce process.

We offer 100% customer support when we’re going through the process. We’re always available via phone, email, fax – you name it; we’re happy to answer your questions, which you’ll have a lot of, throughout the process.

Please give us call, we’d be happy to help you. We offer free phone consultation. 661-281-0266 – that’s my direct line.

We’re headquartered in Santa Clarita but most of all we do is done completely online or over the phone.

We have clients all throughout California. We’d be happy to help you. We are the only divorce document preparation firm that only does divorce in all of LA County.

So make sure to use the experts – 661-281-0266. My name is Tim Blankenship, please give me a call or visit our website for more information at