Are There Any Flat Fee Divorce Attorneys In Santa Clarita

Are There Any Flat Fee Divorce Attorneys In Santa Clarita

As a provider of affordable divorce services, I am always on the prowl for divorce attorneys that provide flat fee attorney representation.

I know there are some out there, but they are few and far between.

The reason I want to know which attorneys are willing to take cases on a flat fee basis, is because sometimes the families I help run into trouble and things spiral out of control and need to hire an attorney.

This does not happen very often and in fact 99% of my clients complete their divorce with me without ever needing to speak to an attorney.

What is the difference between a flat fee attorney and the way they traditionally charge? I will tell you.

The majority of divorce attorneys operate on a retainer and hourly basis. This simply means that you pay a retainer fee upfront before the attorney lifts a finger. In Santa Clarita, this generally runs about $5,000. That retainer is depleted as the attorneys work on your case.

Once the retainer is drained (and it goes fast) you are responsible for all costs over that. Some will start billing you each month and others will ask for you to “refill the tank” and deposit more money. This way they don’t have to worry about you not paying.

Attorneys that operate on a flat fee basis will take your case on for a single fee. They are taking a chance because if the case goes on longer than they expected, they essentially lose money. I have also had attorneys charge a flat fee for a single service and then if things change, they will ask you for more money.

So if you are a flat fee divorce attorney in Santa Clarita, I would be interested in speaking to you so we could see if you would be a good referral source for my clients that need an attorney.