Was Your Divorce Rejected By The Court After Using LegalZoom? | Los Angeles Divorce

Was Your Divorce Rejected By The Court After Using LegalZoom? | Los Angeles Divorce

Today I just received a call from a gentleman who had used LegalZoom and submitted his forms, all his judgment forms, everything that LegalZoom had prepared for him and guess what? It was completely rejected by the court. Big surprise.

Actually I’m not. I get so much business from folks who have spent their money on LegalZoom to prepare their divorce documents. I can’t tell you, I mean, I should actually thank LegalZoom for messing up the forms so bad so people have to come to me but that wouldn’t be very nice to people who spent their hard earned money on LegalZoom forms.

The gentlemen I just spoke to spent $280 on his divorce forms to have them filled out by LegalZoom. He submitted everything, thought he did everything right, waited several months for his judgment to comeback and what he got in the mail, a big, fat rejection letter from the court.

He just called me, wanted to know if I would help him prepare his judgment forms and paperwork correctly.

Of course I will, like as I said I get lots of people that come in to my office, drop a big pile of LegalZoom documents on my desk and saying: “I’ve had it. I’ve had my judgment rejected once, twice even three times.” – and they give up.

The sad part about this is, as this gentleman did spent almost $300 to complete the paperwork and now he’s facing spending additional money with me.

Of course, I always give a discount, feeling bad of the people who have already spent money but this guy spent almost three hundred bucks with LegalZoom.

My fee starts at $600 for divorce, so, for another $300 you can have someone professionally prepare the divorce and not spend the time in frustration and your free time on the weekends trying to figure out the divorce process and the court procedure ultimately ending up in a big, fat rejection of your paperwork.

So, consider that.

Hopefully, I’m trying to get this out there so people realize that there is an alternative to LegalZoom. If you’re going to spend just a few extra bucks, you can get it done right at the first time and not have all the headaches in dealing with this yourself.

Again my name is Tim Blankenship with divorce661.com. Please give me a call; you can reach me direct at 661-281-0266.

Have a great day!