We Handle Divorce Cases Anywhere In California

We Handle Divorce Cases Anywhere In California

Today we’re talking about the fact that we can help you with your divorce case anywhere in California.

We are headquartered in Los Angeles County but what I want you to know is that because we’ve specialize in divorce and because we have quickly become the go-to folks for affordable full service divorce.

We have kind of grown beyond the Los Angeles County area and now have cases as far as north of Sacramento, as far as south of San Diego, as far east as San Bernardino County and Riverside County.

So, we can help you with your divorce anywhere in California and people ask me how we are able to do that and we’re able to do that because the divorce process is literally the same in every county.

The paperwork is identical in most cases and we do it by mail. We do it by email. We have some worksheets to send you. You provide the information that we need to complete your paperwork.

We complete your paperwork. We file it and serve it per the procedural process with the courts and we get the process done. We just do it by mail so it’s very simple. We have a very streamlined process in getting your divorce case completed anywhere in California.

So, if you’re watching our videos and a lot of people do. We have a lot of folks that find us on YouTube. if you’re watching our videos, just keep in mind, we can help you with your case no matter where you’re at in California so feel free to give me a call at 661-281-0266. I’d be happy to talk to you and let you know what we can do for you.