Bifurcate Divorce: What Is A Bifurcation? California Divorce Tutor

What is a bifurcation of your divorce?

A bifurcation is a fancy word that means “to separate”. For purposes of bifurcating your divorce, this is usually referring to separating the marriage portion of your divorce from everything else such as the asset and debt division or children, custody, support, etc.

In short, a bifurcation would allow the parties to get divorced, while leaving all the other issues left over to decide. It is pretty common for divorcees to want to bifurcate the status of their marriage (meaning to go from married to single) when the divorce case is taking to long or there are other reason why one of the parties wants to end the status of their marriage sooner than the entire divorce case being finished.

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Completing a bifurcation during your divorce can be achieved by agreement of the parties, which is the easiest way to do it. If your spouse does not agree to stipulate to a bifurcation, you can always file a motion with the court, called a “Request for Order”, and have a judge make a ruling on the matter. But by agreement is always easier.