Divorce Paralegal In Brea California |Brea Divorce Service

Divorce Paralegal In Brea California |Brea Divorce Service

Today we’re talking to the folks in Brea, California. I want to let you know a little bit about my company and how we can help you with your Divorce in Brea, California.

I’m a licensed and bonded Legal Document Preparation Firm. It’s the company that I own. We specialize only in Divorce.

So we are that attorney alternative. We are that affordable option to get you your Divorce completed in Brea.

Now we are a full service Divorce Paralegal Firm. So what that means is we do everything from A-Z for you.

We will take care of prepping the documents, filling out the forms. We don’t leave that for you to do.

We’ll fill out the forms. We’ll go down to the court. We’ll file them. We will serve them.

Handle all the financial disclosures, all the processes and procedures that the court requires so we will take care of that.

And we’ll also complete your final agreements. So when you get Divorce, you have to distribute your property, your assets and debts.

That’ll have to be divided. You have to deal with your children as far as custody, visitation, child support, spousal support, all of that is dealt with in your Divorce.

And we can take care of that for you. We have become the go-to firm in California for affordable Divorce services.

So make sure you check out our website at Divorce661.com. We do handle all of California.

And there’s no worry, you don’t have to come to our office unless you want to. We do help clients all throughout California.

And we have a streamline method of filling Divorce cases with all the courts throughout California.

Feel free to give us a call. We’ll be happy to provide our free over the phone consultation, talk to you about you and your specific circumstances that you’ve got going on with your situation.

And make sure you’re a good fit for our company, explain to you exactly the steps and processes it’s going to take to get your Divorce completed in Brea.

And wrap things up for you. I’ll be happy to do that for free. Free phone call consultation. Make sure you’re a good fit.

You can go to our website at Divorce661.com. We have our pricing right on our webpage, right on our pricing page.

It’s upfront. It’s flat fee, there’s no hourly rates. And it’s a good way to get your Divorce done if you’re looking to hire a professional firm to complete it for you or you won’t have to worry about the steps, the process and the procedures and you won’t have to go to court.

We work with clients that are going through what we call uncontested Divorce cases. So these are folks that are trying to work towards an agreement.

They’re trying to come up with the agreements for their Divorce. They’re not trying to go to court to fight over things.

They’re going to work things out as best as they can on their own. We can assist you with mediation services if you need help coming to agreements.

That’s not a problem. We just don’t help folks who are going to court and fighting over things.

So we’re looking for those amicable style cases which we do so many cases now in California that’s a lot of them go that route.

So give us a call. We’ll let you know if your circumstances will work with our company and it’s something that we can get done for you.

So just give us a call, that’d be the easiest way to figure things out. And again, we’ll help you anywhere in California.

But for the folks in Brea, we look forward in helping you when you need us. Thank you.