Process Of Divorce In Torrance, CA Torrance Divorce Paralegal

Process Of Divorce In Torrance, CA Torrance Divorce Paralegal

I want to explain the process of Divorce. What is the Divorce Process in Torrance California?

As you know there’s a Court House in Torrance that handles Divorce cases we service as a Paralegal Firm in the Torrance, California Court House as far as Divorces are concerned.

So I want to explain to you what is the Divorce process, what would we do for you if you hire us to help you with your Divorce in Torrance? What will that look like?

So first of all when you contract for services with us, we will take care of everything from start to finish.

All the forms, go down the Torrance Court House, file them, help with service with your spouse either by mail or personal whatever needs to happen, all the financial disclosures all the agreements from A to Z we’ll complete your case.

But initially the Divorce process looks like this, filling out that initial documents. One of you needs to decide who is going to be the petitioner.

Get and take it down all the completed documents after we get your signature. And take them down to Torrance, getting the case number issued and then that needing to be serve on your spouse.

Step two is pretty much financial disclosure stage. The court wants you guys to exchange information about how much you make, where you work, the bank account information, any assets and debts, cars, debts and credit cards and all that sort of things.

All that needs to be disclosed so you guys can figure out what’s going to be fair and equitable on the division of property.

Once you guys figured out what’s fair and equitable you guys let us know what’s that’s going to be. And we put that down in the appropriate court forms and submit what’s called your judgment.

Now keep in mind if you have trouble, if you’re unable to come to certain agreements it doesn’t mean you have to run out and hire an attorney.

There are other services such as Mediation that we can set you up with. Affordable mediation by the way and help someone sit down with you can come up with those agreements.

So you guys can come up with an agreements, we can put down in paper and it can be done without having the extra cost of hiring an attorney or having to litigate your case.

So that’s pretty much how the divorce process in Torrance works. But the initial steps just to get the initial documents completed.

We just need a few minutes on the phone with you. And you don’t have to come to our office.

We’ll get those signatures from you which can be fax to us and we’ll take them down to the court get then filed and that’s kind of have things start off with the Divorce Process in Torrance, California.

Please give us a call for free consultation. I’d love to help you out with your paperwork with your Divorce.