Changing Spousal Support In Santa Clarita During Divorce

Changing Spousal Support In Santa Clarita

Hi. This is Tim Blankenship, owner of SCV Legal Doc Assist; Licensed and Bonded Legal Document Preparation Service specializing in Divorce.

And today I want to talk to you about how to change a spousal support order and this can be either during your divorce process, it can be post judgment, after the divorce has been finalized –it doesn’t matter.

What I wanted to talk to you about is  what the court is going to look at as a reason why you can make a request to change spousal support or modify spousal support, as the court calls it.

The court says here: “Depending on the situation, either spouse might need to change the amount of spousal partner support that has to be paid. As for a change in the support amount, there needs to be a change in circumstances.”

So this is what you’re keying in on here – ‘change in circumstances’, and what they’re referring to is that something significant has changed since the spousal support order was made.

They say here that maybe “The spouse or partner was getting support and no longer needs it or the person paying support has had a significant drop in income and can no longer afford the amount of support”. Sometimes, the support, the spouse gaining support is not making great effort to become self-supporting so the paying spouse can ask the court to change or end the support order based on this.”

So, just to recap that, there has to be a change in circumstances and this is generally regarding money. Did one spouse lose a job, and is now making no money? Did one spouse get a significant raise or a new job and is therefore making more money? And that could be either spouse, or either one, receiving support and you receive the job and are earning more income.

Your spouse may file for modification for reduced support based on her new income and the same can apply to them if you’re receiving the support and your spouse gets an increase in her job then you can go back to court and request for modification to increase a support.

So you can modify it up, you can modify it down, the court’s going to look for change in circumstances and of course, this would be done on a request for order, previously known as an ‘Order Show Cause FL-300’ and there are some more forms you need here during this post-judgment as you see on your screen that it says a ‘Form FL-157’. It basically uses a number of factors to help the court determine if they should grant the request for modification of support

If you’re repressing yourself and you’re looking for an affordable way to get this change in spousal support then that is a service that we offer here, we can help you prepare it, the request for order, we can help you prepare any supplemental forms that are required including your income expense declaration which is always required when you make some request regarding or with regards to money.

My name is Tim Blankenship, owner of SCV Legal Doc Assist, please give us a call if we could be helpful in changing your spousal support and filing emotion on your behalf, or even responding to a motion in which spouses filed a request for modification of support and you need to respond –we can certainly help you with that as well.

Please give us a call for any questions, again my name is Tim – 661 281 0266, and have a great day!