Filling Out Divorce Forms Is Just Half The Battle In California Divorce

Filling Out Divorce Forms Is Just Half The Battle In California Divorce

Today I want to talk about what the true value of our service in preparing divorce documents in California really is.

I get a lot of people that come to me and say, “Tim, I went to look at the forms online and it looks like it’s something I can do”.

I’ve heard a lot of people try to do it by themselves, they’ve to the court website and try to use the forms, fill out the paperwork and usually what will happen is they’ll get frustrated and decide to hire us to prepare their California divorce documents.

But us, as a legal document preparation firm filling out your forms for you is only one half of service and is not even the important part of the service.

Obviously it’s important that your documents are done correctly and they’re filed correctly and they’re served correctly.

But what people don’t understand where the real value is in what we do is in the information that we provide to folks.

We’re here to answer your questions about procedure and process, help dividing up your property, help you determine spousal support, child support, a parenting plan and talk to you about all the different things that go into a divorce.

I think if you’re trying to fill out your own paperwork, I think you’re being very short sided.

That’s just one portion of the divorce process. It’s a divorce. It’s a major step in your life. You want to make sure it’s done correctly and you’re going to have a lot of questions.

So my advice to you is before you get started, give us a call, learn what information we can give you, how we can help you throughout the process not only in filling out your forms, serving them.

Taking them down to court, saving you time and effort and frustration and ultimately money but we are here as a resource and answer questions anytime you have them, whether be in person meeting or over the phone or via email.

It’s one of the biggest values you’re going to get in using our service is having a person there who has worked for the courts for several years which I have, who has worked for a family law attorney for several years and now who has been doing this and processing several hundred divorce cases every year.

We see a lot of things and we have a lot of information from various different areas. The courts, family law, and then now helping people representing themselves get through their divorce.

Keep that in mind when deciding whether you want to do your divorce or not on your own or get a professional company like us to do it.

It’s not just the filling out the forms, which we obviously do a great job at. It’s the information that we can provide you throughout the process.

Tim Blankenship,, we specialize in divorce in California. Please call us, we’d love to help you get through your divorce. We’ll talk to you soon.