California Divorce Marital Settlement Agreement | Divorce Agreement Assistance

California Divorce Marital Settlement Agreement | Divorce Agreement Assistance

Hi, this is Tim Blankenship with

And today I wanted to talk to you about marital settlement agreements divorce settlements. Whatever you may want to call it.

We’ve been getting a lot of searches and hits to our website, people looking for settlement agreements, marital settlement agreements  et cetera. So, I wanted to talk about what those are.

First of all, marital settlement agreement, essentially, is the final agreement in your case, in your divorce. It’s going to outline all the agreements, so it’ll deal with child custody, if you have children, a parenting plan, visitation, spousal support, child support, division of assets, and division of debts.

Literally, all agreements will be encompassed in this marital settlement agreement. Now, when we found cases for folks, we’re a legal document preparation company, we specialize in divorce, we are a non-lawyer firm. But we can work with you direct to prepare your divorce case from start to finish.

We prefer using marital settlement agreements where having the parties come to an agreement in their divorce case. Other than that, you’re going to find yourself in court if you’re unable to come to an agreement. You’re either going to settle outside of court, or you’re going to go to court. Those are your options.

In the previous video, we mentioned that only five percent of cases actually go to court. So, big chance you’ll be able to use our divorce service all the way through. Come to an agreement, whether it’d be easy or difficult. And eventually, the two of you will come together in an agreement and then we will indicate that agreement on this marital settlement agreement and attach it to the final judgment, it is the final step.

A lot of people try it and come to all their agreements before they ever filed for divorce and then they’re waiting months and months to file because they’re trying to come to an agreement.

The important step here is to not to put the cart before the horse because the marital settlement agreement, everything as far as the agreements of your divorce are last.

The first thing you need to do is actually file your case, get the case number issued, get your spouse served, and start that six-month window or that six-month clock on that cooling off period.

After that, you need to work on your financial disclosures; that’s something we would have to help you do. And then you have an idea of what all of the assets and debts are on the table, they have a template so you can come up with an idea of how you want to divide those assets and debts and then we’ll indicate that on your final agreement, attach that on the judgment, and wrap up the divorce case for you.

If you have any questions about marital settlement agreements, settlement agreements for your divorce. We can certainly help you. If you’re working with another firm, and maybe an attorney, or a law firm in your cases.

You’ve already gone to court and you’re ready to wrap things up we could take that; take over for you, and for a flat fee. Wrap up your marital settlement agreement, and put everything together for you, and conclude the case for you.

My name is Tim Blankenship, if you have any questions about marital settlement agreements or divorce settlements, please give me a call. Be happy to discuss your particular circumstance, and see if we can help you out.

Direct number is 6612810266. You can find us on the web at divorce661.

Again, Tim Blankenship. If you have any questions, please give me a call, thank you.