California Divorce Scams! Cheap Fast Online Divorce Scams!

California Divorce Scams! Cheap Fast Online Divorce Scams!

Today we’re talking about scams you need to watch off or when shopping online or looking online for divorce service to help you.

We’re talking about online divorce services, we’re talking about cheap and fast divorce services, automated document assembly services, there are hundreds of them.

If you’re looking online, you’re looking for a cheap divorce. You’re going to come across all kinds of companies online and I wanted just to talk to you about the people that we have had come in to our office that have attempted to use these services and some of the results they’ve had.

What happens is you get lured in to these fast and cheap divorce services, where they’ll have $59 maybe a $100, $200, $300 package. They’ll have these very low fees for a variety of services.

Well, what happening is we’re seeing the customers are being overcharged for the services they didn’t pay for. They’re being told that there are additional regulatory fees and all types of craziness.

But really, what you need to watch out for is these services are trying to handle all the states of the US. They’re not just doing California, so the forms are usually deficient.

In California, the divorce forms are updated at least twice a year. Sometimes they’ll come out with additional changes to the forms and if you’re not using a current form, it’s not going to be approved by the court.

So because we’re finding that some of these companies have forms that are over five years old and they’re being rejected by the court.

What happens is, people get lured in to these low cost services. They pay a fee and then that money is totally lost and they have to come to our service and we have to charge them to start from the beginning because everything they’ve done up to that point has been completely wrong.

I just want to warn you about the types of scams and the services, they’re very poor for these cheap, fast, online, all these types of different divorces. Again, there are hundreds of them.

Have someone like us professionally prepare your divorce for you. We can work with you anywhere in California. We don’t use questionnaires, we don’t use have an automated software system.

We do it the old fashion way. We’ll actually type it up for you.

Now, if you are out of the Los Angeles area which is where we’re housed or where we’re based and you’re anywhere else in California, we can do this completely over the phone. We can work with any court. All you need to do is call us up. You’ll pay for our services and then you’ll speak directly with me and we’ll start getting your documents typed up.

We’ll file them with the court, we can do that by mail and we can take care of everything for you.

Now, let me talk to you about the costs.

When you through a regular divorce like one of these cheap online services, you’re going to have to pay twice the amount of filing fees. You’re going to have to file your initial paperwork and pay the petition filing fee and your spouse is going to have to respond and pay another fee and that was $435 in most cases times two, so you’re talking about $870 in fees.

When you use our service, we can get you through the process with one filing fee which will help pay for our services. We’re going to save you that $435 bucks.

Give me a call so we can talk about that. 661-281-0266. You can go to our website for more information at