Affordable California Divorce Service

Affordable California Divorce Service

Hi, my name is Tim Blankenship with

I’m a licensed and bonded legal document preparation assistant; we specialize with divorce in California.

And today we’re talking about our affordable divorce service in California.

We are a small firm in northern LA County. We serve all of the California courts and we have a way where we can provide our divorce service to you completely online.

Now when I say online it’s a little of a misnomer, we are inline but we are different from any of the other online divorce companies in that we actually type up your forms for you.

You’ll notice if you’re searching around, many of the other companies will say you’re going to fill out the questionnaire as completely automated.

We don’t do that, we have many clients who have come to us who attempted to use those services, and failed. The forms were incorrect and not to mention you have to do all the work. You fill out the forms then you get the forms mailed to you or you print them out in your home.

Now you’re left with the 20 page instruction sheet of what to do, file this, serve that, and you have to do all the work.

And that’s one of the most difficult part, filling out the forms is relatively easy.

With us, we will make a phone appointment with you; we can do it by email but no questionnaires. We go step by step over the phone with you and we actually type up the forms based on your responses, we’re there to answer your questions and explain the process so you fully understand what’s going on.

Why are you checking a certain box or why are you providing certain answer. This way there are no mistakes, this is a serious matter, even the uncontested divorce, you would want to the documents right, you want to get them served correctly and that’s what we’re here for.

We are a full service firm providing our service online and over the phone to help you get through this. Since we’ve started making this video, our business had picked up dramatically with people who want a personal touch with their divorce, even though it’s remotely done, even though it’s done online and over the phone. Someone they can call, someone they can ask questions of and that’s done very well for us.

As far as costs, you’ll find that even though our fees are slightly higher than the online firms, we’re going to save you money in court fees cause we are able to get those fees waived and we’ll talk about that when you call us. So our fees are reduced because we’re going to save you in court fees so make sure you ask me about that.

My name is Tim Blankenship please give me a call so we can talk about your particular issues in your case. Anywhere in California so we can explain the process and let you know how we can get this done for you and make the frustration and costs minimal for you.

661-281-0266, Tim Blankenship

Thank you.