Six Month California Divorce Process Misunderstandings

The six month California divorce process has many misunderstandings. There are confusions the process of divorce, such as when you can file certain divorce paperwork to when the 6 months process starts. This article and video discusses the 6 month process of a California divorce.

Six Month California Divorce Process Misunderstandings

In this video, I wanted to dispel some myths regarding the 6 month period it takes to get divorced in California.

You Are Not Automatically Divorce In 6 Months

Number 1, you’re not automatically divorced in 6 months from when you file. A lot of people call and say Tim, I know divorce takes 6 months. 6 months is simply the soonest your divorce can be finalized after the date of service. The reason I bring that up is people file for divorce and say, I’ll be divorced in 6 months.

They don’t finalize their paperwork. They don’t do their judgment. They just file the petition and that’s not the way it works. There’s obviously multiple steps to get your divorce finalized. The 6 months starts at the date of service, so if you filed on March 1st and you didn’t serve your spouse until April 1st, the 6 months would start April 1st. That’s the 1st myth I wanted to dispel.

6 Months Is The Soonest, Not A Deadline To Finish

Number 2 is, aside from 6 months being the soonest, it’s also not a deadline. I’ve had clients call and say Tim, our case is taking a little longer than we thought. Some issues came up and the 6 months is right around the corner and we’re afraid we’re not going to meet the deadline. 6 months is also not a deadline.

You’ve got 5 years to complete your divorce in California. I’ve completed divorce cases as much as 25 years old, but the true law in California is you have 5 years to complete it, otherwise they can dismiss the case and they are starting to do that in some cases.

6 months is the soonest. It’s not a deadline and the clock starts when the divorce paperwork is served. Tim Blankenship, Hope you’re having a great day. We’ll talk to you soon.

California Divorce Judgment Rejected? This Is Why!

There are many reasons your California Divorce judgment paperwork will be rejected. In fact, there are 3 pages of reasons why your California Divorce judgment may be rejected.

But the main reason your judgement papers get rejected is because when you turn in your divorce judgment package to the court, this is the first time anybody is actually reviewing your documents. (Continue reading below video)


When you turn in your divorce judgment, that is the first time the court is reviewing even your initial court documents such as your summons and petition and whether you know it or not, if you did something wrong on the divorce petition, you wouldn’t know it until you turned in your judgment.

Now, while your divorce judgment can be rejected for many reasons, generally the court will review and provide you with a list of reasons why your divorce judgment paperwork is being rejected.

But, they won’t tell you what the correction is. They will just tell you what is wrong with it.

And for the first time in my life, I have seen a reject sheet that didn’t even provide the reasons why the judgment was rejected. If you watched the video, i showed you a reject sheet from a clerk that basically said the paperwork was so messed up that they weren’t going to go to the trouble of providing all the reasons why it was being rejected.

In fact, the divorce judgment reject sheet simply said that there were too many issues and many missing documents and to seek legal advice on how to prepare their divorce.

That is exactly what this person did. They hired us to review and correct and finalize their divorce case. Now, while the clerk was correct and there were many missing forms and errors, i just thought it was so lazy of the clerk to not even provide the reasons why it was rejected.

If you need assistance with your divorce judgment paperwork please give us a call. Correcting California divorce paperwork is our speciality. Or, just save yourself some trouble and hire us before you ever file a single divorce form.

You will save yourself a lot of wasted time and grief.

Problems With Listing Pension Wrong On Divorce Judgment : Valencia Divorce

Listing your pension information wrong or listing how the pension is going to be divided wrong during your divorce or on your divorce papers can cause many problems down the road.

There are lot of people out there that try to do their own Valencia divorce. The problem is that you don’t know what you don’t know. What I mean to say is that you don’t know you are doing things wrong until it becomes a problem.

The good news is that it can be fixed. We can fix issues with your pension being listed wrong on your California divorce judgment. It is called a Stipulation & Order and we can prepare and file a Stipulation and Order to correct a previously filed judgment in your divorce case.

Learn more about our Stipulation & Order Services by Clicking Here

In this video we discuss the issues with listing your pension in your judgment and doing it wrong and the problems this can cause down the road.


What we recommend, of course, is not to do your own divorce in the first place and to hire a professional company so that your Valencia divorce is done correctly the first time.

We offer a full service and do it yourself divorce process. We figure that there is just that percentage of the population that wants to file their own divorce, usually to save money. Which you can, it just comes at the expense of your time.

So we created a do-it-yourself divorce process as well as our full service divorce.

Divorce661 provides a full service divorce and do-it-yourself service.

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And please call us for a free consultation to discuss how we can help you with your divorce anywhere in California.

Don’t Use Marital Settlement Agreement From Internet For Your Santa Clarita Divorce

I want to talk to you about why you should not use a Marital Settlement Agreement that you can find on the internet. First of all, the marital settlement agreements off the internet cannot be vetted. Meaning, you have no idea who put that marital settlement agreement on the internet.

Divorce661 provides a full service divorce and do-it-yourself service.

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Click here to learn more about our do-it-yourself divorce

The second problem is that these marital settlement agreements you find online are not legitimate and do not meet the criteria for being an actual marital settlement agreement. This is because they don’t have the necessary legal language that a properly prepared marital settlement agreement should have to comply with the rules and legalese necessary for a California divorce marital settlement agreement.


In addition to the online marital settlement agreements you can find not having the necessary wording, they also are just not necessary. Most people do not need to have a long, drawn out marital settlement agreement.

All that is necessary is to use the court’s judgment forms for your divorce instead of the marital settlement agreement. The California divorce judgment forms have all the necessary language needed to comply with the rules. If there are ever changes to the language the courts require then they will update the forms. So you never have to worry about not having the correct language.

We provide a full service divorce solution anywhere in California. Please contact us for a free consultation to discuss how we can assist you with handling your divorce case for you. We only specialize in divorce and have helped thousands of clients over the years.

The Value We Provide With Our Divorce Service Is Invaluable

When I started this business it was to provide affordable divorce services that focused on providing great customer service and value.  We provide so much value for the dollar spent that I personally feel you are a fool to go anyplace else but to our company for assistance with your divorce.  No, I am not calling you stupid!

I simply feel that with our years of experience in the business and completing 30+ divorce cases every month, to having worked for the Los Angeles Superior Court’s divorce court’s that you will not find a more experienced company to assist you.

However, there are those people who don’t understand the value that given until it is too late.  What I am referring to is other people out there saying they provide the same service as us when they really don’t.  They are unlicensed and offering services they are not allowed to perform.  Not to mention they don’t know what they are doing and are a bad example of our industry.

I didn’t mean to start down this negative rant, but this is just how serious I take my business.  There are other companies out there. Sure.  They might even be a little less money, or at least it appears at first.  Until you start working with them and realize that you really get what you pay for.

We provide so much value for the money spent it is ridiculous.  You get attorney quality assistance with your divorce for a fraction of the cost of hiring an attorney.  We have handled just about every type of divorce situation there is and because I have worked for the courts, the self help centers and for attorney’s I know the process and procedure frontward and backwards.

When you hire our company to complete your divorce, you are not just getting divorce document preparation. You are getting our years of experience in the courts, helping now thousands of folks with their divorce.  Sure, some divorce cases are easier than others, but some are as difficult as they come. And we can handle all of them.

Point of the story is this.  There is a lot on the line when getting your divorce completed.  Yes, you may be in agreement which is great. But there are so many things that can still go wrong especially related to how you handle the division of your assets and debts and what you are doing with spousal support.

You are not familiar with the divorce process and the in’s and out’s of it.

When it comes to divorce, ignorance is not bliss.  It’s dangerous.



FAM-031 Valencia Divorce : Do I Have To Go To Court?

Should You Submit A FAM-031 With Your California Divorce Judgment?

We are always recommending that you file a FAM-031 with your California Divorce Judgment. We have done several videos on this.  But we did get a question the other day from a client that I wanted to answer. His questions was, ” If we submit the FAM-031 will I have to go to court?”  His questions was whether the Judge would set a hearing whether they needed one or not just by submitting the form.

The short answer is no.  But watch the video below where I explain how and why you would submit the FAM-031 as part of your California divorce judgment.

We provide a full service divorce throughout California as well providing an online California Divorce service at California Divorce Tutor.


Valencia Divorce : Valencia Divorce Self Help Services Online

For years we have had our full service Valencia divorce services (serving all of California). We were constantly asked for an online divorce solution, one that was more affordable and an online divorce service that was completely do-it-yourself.

Welcome to California Divorce Tutor. California Divorce Tutor is much more than just an online California self help service, we also have tutorials on how to complete contested divorce cases, discovery during divorce, how to prepare motions during your divorce and much more.

For more information watch the video below or go to California Divorce Tutor to learn more.

Valencia Divorce : Self Help Divorce Services Now Online

Our Valencia divorce service (Serving all of California) is now provided online as well.

I have never been a proponent of the self-help divorce services. You know the ones where you pay a few hundred bucks, sometimes as little as $100 and they promise to help you complete your divorce for you?

The reason I never liked those types of services is because they left all the hard complicated process up to the person completing their own divorce and provided little if any explanation or instruction on how to properly process the divorce forms. This causes many people to end up hiring a company like ourselves to help complete the divorce case. So this meant people were just throwing away their money.

Our online divorce tutorials at California Divorce Tutor are different. This is because we have recorded the process of how to complete your Valencia divorce (serving all of California) step by step, every form with instructions that you can understand. Watch this video for more information.


Valencia Divorce : Divorce Judgment Checklists

When going through a Valencia divorce, one of the most helpful things we provide you is a divorce judgment checklist. With our full service Valencia divorce process, we utilize these divorce judgment checklists. Now, on California Divorce Tutor, where we show you step by step how to complete your Valencia divorce ( or anywhere in California) we provide you with the divorce judgment checklists that show you exactly what forms you need to complete depending on the type of divorce you are processing.

Watch the video below to learn more about the divorce judgment checklists and California Divorce Tutor.


We provide both a full service and online self help divorce service throughout California.

Valencia Divorce Paralegal : Judgment Forms vs Marital Settlement Agreement

Years ago our company got away from using Marital Settlement Agreements. The writing was on the wall that the court’s were going to a more uniform manner of completing the California divorce paperwork.

When you go through a Valencia Divorce, you know that the divorce paperwork is all about forms. This form for this and that form for that. The divorce courts, have for some time now, used judgment “forms” instead of what was known as a Marital Settlement Agreement.


The change to the California divorce forms was to make the divorce process a bit more uniform and hopefully easier to complete your divorce. What the divorce judgment forms have done is give you a way to complete your divorce judgment by using forms instead of having to draft a narrative style agreement.

The biggest issues people were having with preparing their divorce agreements is that they lacked the sufficient legal language. This caused the courts to reject judgments more often than not.

The forms solves this issues for many of the problems people were having. The divorce judgment forms have check boxes and prompts for the information you will need and most often used when completing your divorce.

Again, our company went to this format several years ago and I have spoken about this often. In fact, about a year or so ago, I had someone who became a client of our watch a video about this that I did not Youtube where I said it is better to use the judgment forms rather than the settlement agreement.

She called me to tell me that she did not take my advice and then had her divorce settlement agreement rejected by the court. This client ultimately hired us to complete her Valencia divorce case which we did using the California divorce judgment forms.