California Spousal Support Information | We Explain Spousal Support Issues in California

California Spousal Support Information | We Explain Spousal Support Issues in California

Hi, my name is Tim Blankenship. I’m owner of SCV legal doc assist and our website is

Today, I wanted to talk to you a little about spousal support.

Spousal support is something you’ll have to address in your marriage, and I just want to cover a couple of topics.

First of all, we can help you with getting a spousal support order if you need one, a temporary order, we can help you prepare a motion during your divorce case and help you get some temporary support.

We also give post-judgment support orders. If you needed to modify a support order, or need to respond to a motion for support that’s something that we can help you with.

But I wanted to talk to you a little bit, just some basics, we’re not attorneys; we’re not a law firm. We’re just here to prepare documents, we do specialize in the divorce process, and we have worked for law firms and for the courts.

So we’re not here to over-complicate things, we’re just here to give you kind of a plain English explanation about how this works.

So, spousal support is determined quite simply by a determination of the income of the parties, the length of the marriage, and the need for support.

Now that can be a very long and complex topic but that’s kind of the essentials. How long were you married, how much the parties make, and is there a need for support.

Now, there are some basic rules to spouse support.

Again, keeping it simple, if you make more than your spouse, you may have to pay spousal support, sounds pretty clear. If your marriage is longer than ten years, the court can retain jurisdiction over spouse support forever.

So, what this says again, I’m not an attorney, so, I just wanted to make that clear, but if you were to look on the internet you’d find that California determines that a long-term marriage is that which is over ten years and the court can retain jurisdiction.

This comes up almost in all of our divorce cases that we filed for folks here. And if it’s over ten years of marriage, the court can retain jurisdiction. Doesn’t mean you have to pay spouse support, or that you’ll get spouse support. There has to be a need, and there has to be some other qualifying factors. But the court retains jurisdiction forever. So, ten years after your divorce potentially, one of the spouse could come back to modify the spouse support.

How spouse support is determined again, length of the marriage, if there’s a need and so forth. And spousal support is determined by what is called a DissoMaster. Courts use this; law firms have access to this. So also, have access to the courts’ software in helping you determine what spousal support would be.

Essentially, we’d take a look at what the parties make, punch it into this software, and spits out a number and lets us know what that numbers are going to be. It just gives you guidelines.

We can just get an idea of what you’re looking at. If you’re going to request for spousal support, you can always bring that if that’s what you decide to do.

Again, we are a full service divorce firm, we are not attorneys but we can help you file your divorce case, get you temporary for spousal support and do everything along the way and everything a law firm would do for you except give you legal advice and represent you in court.

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