California Divorce | If You Move You Must Complete Change Of Address

California Divorce | If You Move You Must Complete Change Of Address

Today I want to talk to you about the change of address form that you need to file if you move during your divorce.

The clerk’s office has very specific rules or guidelines you could say in where they mail your documents.

I want to talk to about the change address form and why it’s important you update your records with the court.

So let’s assume you filed for divorce, you live in location A, you file for divorce on your summons; and petition; and case cover sheet, that tells the court where you live, that’s the court, that’s the address the court’s going to have on record for you.

Not that they’re going to mail anything to you, probably but if they were say for instance, to set a hearing or something along those line, they do that by mail. They don’t call you. So, you’re going to want to have your address correct with them.

The most important part is when you file your judgment. When you file your judgment, you’re going to file several documents. It’s 20 to 25 pages depending on your circumstances and one of those is a notice of entry of judgment form. It’s FL-190 I believe, that form is going to be mailed to you when you submit your final judgment.

If the address on that document does not match the address that you initially filed with the court, if all your paperwork is correct, everything is else is fine, they will reject your judgment because of a wrong address, this is form MC-040 I believe.

You can submit that change of address with your judgment just make sure you serve a copy or at least you give evidence of serving a copy on the other party.

But make sure you have that change of address completed either before you submit your judgment or along with the submitted judgment so they’d know that the address is correct and you notified the other party.

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