Cheap Divorce California | California Cheap Divorce Service

Cheap Divorce California | California Cheap Divorce Service

Hi, my name is Tim Blankenship with

And today we’re talking about our cheap divorce in California. We have a service where we can provide your divorce case; we can complete your divorce case rather, anywhere in California. We can do this completely online, and we do this literally in person.

So instead of you coming into our office, we’re going to have appointments right over the phone and typing up these forms for you.

So let me briefly talk to you about the difference in using our online service and any other service out there.

You’ll notice if you’re searching around that there’re many companies offering different types of online divorce solutions. When you use these services, you’re going to be asked to fill out a lengthy questionnaire, usually 20 to 30 pages maybe online, and then those answers you type in are auto-filled into the court forms then you print those forms and then everything else is up to you.

So that really isn’t a true online divorce solution, you’re going to have to do all the work, file the forms, serve all the forms, make sure that you do it correctly because when you use these online divorce solutions, nobody is verifying that you did it correct.

We had a client come to us after using one of these online services and they mistyped and misunderstood the questionnaires. But when they printed the forms they printed out just as they typed them in which were completely wrong and the company wouldn’t allow them to redo it.

They already received the product.

So we recommend you use a service like ours, we can do everything for you, start to finish.

We’ll file, serve, complete all the financial disclosures; we’ll go down to court file them, regardless of where you’re at in California. We can take care of your divorce for you, we will save you fees on your filing fees so a lot of our costs are absorbed by the money you saved in filing fees, please make sure you ask me when you call.

How we can have you save on the response fee, my name is Tim Blankenship. We are a small company in northern LA County, you will work direct with us, we are not a major conglomerate company but we do handle our fair share of divorces in California. That’s all we do.

We specialize in divorce and we can help you anywhere you’re at.

661-281-0266. For more information visit our website,