Changes To Child Support Stipulations In California

Changes To Child Support Stipulations In California

Today, we’re talking about Stipulations. And specifically, drafting a child support Stipulation.

Stipulations briefly, I’ve talked about a lot. And we’ve done a lot of these.

But there have been some changes recently to what the courts are looking for as far as the language in the Stipulation.

You can enter into a Stipulation at any point in your Divorce. It can be before the Divorce is finalized or it can be a post judgment after you’ve been Divorce.

You can modify specific course. But if it’s before the Divorce is finalized, what you will have is a Stipulation or an agreement that both of you can sign without going to court, have the judge sign it, and it will become a temporary order until further order in the court.

So now we’ve touched on what we’re talking about. This specifically relates to child support.

And they are changing or requiring additional language now on the child support agreement.

So when you come to an agreement for child support, here’s what they are now asking for. You need to have the total amount of child support that’s going to be paid, and from who and to who, so, from the responded to the petitioner.

And here’s one change. We use to say beginning forth with, where we can say child support began forth with from the X amount or dollars amount from the petition to the respondent.

Forth with is simply a fancy term that means starting immediately. And the courts are now frowningupon that in this one particular court in Los Angeles County is saying they want a specific start date.

Prior to that, in addition to that I should say, we also would just simply state the specific amounts.

So the dollar amount, let’s say its a thousand dollars. And we didn’t have to specify how much for each children.

Now we will do that in the judgment. In the final judgment we have to say how much goes to each child. But we never had to do that in the Stipulation.

Now we just got the judgment back. Not a judgment, but a Stipulation back with they’re now asking for us to indicate specifically.

So if it is a thousand dollars, said you must put the childrens names and birthdays and in order plus amount of child support per child.

So what they’re doing is going back to having it be as exactly as it the languages on the final judgment, on the final child support agreement where it does have the kid’s names and the specific amounts and the date of births, so, they’ll know how old they are.

We haven’t had to do that on Stipulations for child support in the past. But now that we have done that or now that we’ve gotten this rejection letter back, we always–that’s how we learn.

If there’s a change or if there’s a particular court clerk they want it done a certain way just make sure they have –how much is being paid from when, to when, for what child and how much per child and you’ll be good to go.

If you go to our account, we have put up the copy of the child support agreement so you can use it as a guide.

I think that I’ve uploaded the previous one. So I’m going to upload another SlideShare or I’ll probably take down the other one where you can get the language specifically as the courts wanted at least in California which we specialize in getting Stipulations approved.

Tim Blankenship specializing in California Divorce, I appreciate you watching.

And feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or like assistance with your Divorce in California.

Talk to you soon.