Divorce Forms You Need To Complete After Hearing | California Divorce

Divorce Forms You Need To Complete After Hearing | California Divorce

Hi! This is Tim Blankenship with divorce661.com.

And today I’m going to tell you how and what you need to do after you’ve gone to a hearing for your divorce.

Now, this is going to be specifically about, say, a request for order, an order show cause and that type of hearing, maybe you filled a motion to get some temporary orders for spousal support, child support, something like that.

So, you’re going to go to your court date, you’re going to have a hearing, if both parties were there, the judge will make orders, even if both parties are not there the judge can still make orders but in that case you’re going to have to take some additional steps to be done in this case.

So if you go to court, I just had a client and this is based on a specific example I just had. I had a client, go to court, filed the motion, went to court, the judge made orders and her spouse did not appear.

So the judge made some orders and advised her that she needed to complete an order after hearing and give notice.

So, of course her question was what does that mean? So, I wanted to clarify that for those that maybe completely doing your divorce on your own without the assistance of, let’s say a firm such us ours and you wouldn’t know what to do.

So, this is for you folks. What you have to do is what’s called an order after hearing. There are some forms online you can find that are fill-able. You can fill out the order after hearing and basically documents what the judge said.

Now, one of the first things you’re going to need is the minute order. The minute order is what the clerk types up of what the judge said at that particular hearing on that particular date. So, you’re going to first need to obtain a copy of that and for more information on that, you can watch a video I did on that as well.

Once you have the minute order, you’re going to take the order that was indicated on that minute order and you’re going to write that on the order after hearing. You’re going to use the different attachments necessary depending on what was ordered. Was it attorney’s fees, was it child support, custody and visitation. Once you see this fill-able order after hearing, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

So, you’re going to fill out that main page and then you’re going to do whatever attachments for whatever orders were made and then you’re going to write a letter to your spouse and include a copy of that order, letting them know that this is the order after hearing that you have typed up, here’s the copy of the minute order and that you need them to sign the order after hearing so you can submit it to the court to be signed.

You see, when they have one party do the paperwork, the other party has to sign it, agreeing with it.

Now, the rules say that they have ten days to respond to that letter. So, you mail a letter with the order after hearing and let them know they have ten days. After ten days have passed, you can submit that to the court and let the court know that, not only do they not object or call you, they didn’t respond and say there is something wrong with it.

So, if you’re going to do that, another thing that you have to fill out now is what’s called a declaration regarding execution of order after hearing and what it is, it’s a, you have to do this on the court’s pleading paper and you have to let the court know that you had the hearing, that you showed up, that orders were made, that you complied with the rule, you mailed the letter out, there is no objection, they didn’t respond and you’re asking the court to sign the order after hearing, make it an official order of the court without the other party’s signature and it is called a declaration of execution of order after hearing.

We can help you do that and you’ve been to a hearing and the judge advised you, you needed to complete an order after hearing, give us a call, we can take care of that get it filed and served for you and get it down to your court for you.

My name is Tim Blankenship with divorce661.com. Please give me a call, 661-281-0266 and talk to you soon!