California Divorce The Court Orders Good Cause Appearing

California Divorce The Court Orders Good Cause Appearing

Today we’ve been talking about a lot different areas where people have trouble with their divorce judgment here in California.

Again we are talking about the FL-180 and in this particular case we are talking about what you put where it says the court orders good cause appearing on the FL-180 so we are going to talk about that quickly.

First up, I want to let you know we are a full service divorce paralegal firm specializing in divorce in California.

So if you have been  working on your own and you may be because you are now watching this video and you are at the judgment phase which by the way is going to be the most difficult part of your divorce in California.

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But on this specific area what do we mark, what do you put down where it says the court orders good cost appearing.

So what you are going to mark is the first box that says judgment of dissolution as entered marital or domestic partnership status is terminated and the parties are restored to the status of single person and then you are going to mark on a specific date.

Number one, that is what we always mark, that is what the court tells us to mark on a specific date. But then you don’t put that date in there you are going to leave that date blank.

And the court will fill in that date. But what we see is folks putting in a date and what their usually doing is the six months after the reserved date.

But does not necessarily going to be the date specially if you get your judgment submitted late, specially the courts here in Los Angeles County are backlogged their taking quite a while to get these reviewed.

So leave that blank at number four on the judgment form and you are just going to mark box A1 and the court will fill in the date.

I hope that was helpful in processing your judgment form, again a lot of folks have difficulty with that.

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