California Divorce | Courts Now Issuing Notice Of Case Review Notices

California Divorce | Courts Now Issuing Notice Of Case Review Notices

Today we’re talking about some changes the courts have recently, 2013 moving to 2014 started doing, when it comes to folks representing themselves in their divorce in California.

In the past, the courts didn’t really intervene or step in or even monitor really divorces cases to make sure they’re moving through the courts system properly and timely.

And what they’ve done now is they started setting certain milestones and putting certain time limits on when certain things needed to be done and I want to go over a few of those and talk about some notices you may get in the mail.

Number one, if you file your case and you don’t serve it within a reasonable amount of time and I think that time frame is sixty days. So let’s say you filed it on January 1st and now March 1st rolls around and you haven’t serve the divorce paperwork.

You can expect within sixty, ninety days of filing having not served your spouse and filing the proof of service to the court, you can expect to get a notice in the mail from the court saying essentially your case is not complete.

You haven’t filed your proof of service and there are some steps that needed to be taken and it’ll assign a court date and the court date is basically case management court date.

It’s just a quick hearing. They want to make sure that you know what you’re doing. They want to bring you on to court and say you need to file your proof of service, you need to serve. You understand what you’re doing. You need to move this forward.

And there’s going to be a court date. Generally, this particular letter will tell you that if you do certain actions by the date and file certain paperwork by that date. You don’t have to go to hearing. So, it’s nothing to be alarmed about.

It’s just the courts way and this is fairly new, stepping in to push the case forward to make sure those representing themselves are moving forward properly to the divorce in California.

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