Terminating Child Support In LA County | Santa Clarita Divorce

Terminating Child Support In LA County | Santa Clarita Divorce

Today I wanted to talk to you about how to terminate a child support order.   I had a call over the weekend from a gentleman who needed to terminate child support so he didn’t have any overpayment of chils support when his child turned 18.

So let’s discuss how you go about getting the court to sign a termination of child support order.  To get the court to sign a termination of child support order you have to do one of a few things. The form you’re going to use his FL – 195 income withholding order.  At the top of the withholding order you will notice that there is a termination of child support box at the top.  That’s the box you will use to terminate child support.  This is the same form that was used when child support was ordered and will be the same form you use to submit to the court to get the judge to sign to terminate child support as well.

Here’s what we recommend you do.  Because the income withholding order will need to be signed by the judge you’ll either need to get a hearing date set so you can go into court to have the judge sign the order or you can attempt to mail a letter to the clerk with the evidence of a birth certificate the judgment and perhaps even a diploma of the child to show he is 18 in order to get them to sign the judgment.

In you want to send a letter to the clerk, what you need to do is to mail a letter to the actual department your case is in, instead of just mailing to the Court.  What you would do then is mail letter to the clerk explaining the circumstances along with a copy of the judgment that shows the order regarding when child support can be terminated.  Then you can attach a copy of your child’s birth certificates so they can determine that your child is in fact 18 and a copy of the high school diploma if it was part of the judgment agreement.

If that does not work, the last thing you can do is file a request for order with the court.  You can file a motion with the court indicating you would like the termination of child support order signed and go to the hearing date  and explain the circumstances to the judge and hope that he signs the termination of child support at the hearing itself.

If you have any more questions about how to terminate a child support order or need assistance in doing so please give us a call if you happy to help you.

Service At Los Angeles Divorce Courts Likely To Worsen

Service At Los Angeles Divorce Courts Likely To Worsen

The courts have reported that there will be further court closures, additional restructuring and another round of layoffs which will impact over 500 Court employees in the next few months.

Those of us in the industry are already starting to feel the impact. We are starting to have much longer delays in getting documents filed with the court than we have in the past.

Normally, we could file a new divorce case by mail on a Monday and have the filed copies back the same week. The last case we filed just came back from the court, and we sent it to them 10 days ago.

It makes me wonder what the court is doing with the documents we mail in. I know the Post Office is getting the mail there the next day, so are the forms just sitting there for over a week before the clerk decides to stamp them and mail them back to me?

I have had to make sure I am aware of the slower service of the courts when letting my clients know when they can expect their cases filed.

This will certainly have an impact on when you can expect to have your final judgment forms signed off by the judge. Currently, the courts are taking up to 3 months to sign off on judgments. This could easily go into the 4 to 5 month range.

The other area we will see some issues is with how long it will take to get a hearing when filing a request for order from the court. Most court are running approximately 45 to 60 days before you can get in front of a judge. This will most likely be increase as well.

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