California Divorce | Different Ways To Address Child Custody & Parenting Plans

California Divorce | Different Ways To Address Child Custody & Parenting Plans

Today we’re talking about what is included in a divorce judgment.

What does that mean? What is a judgment or agreement or stipulation? What does all that mean? It’s a question I get quite a bit when people call our office; they want to know what is going to be included in the divorce.

Or they’ll ask me questions like: Is child custody or parenting plan included – you know – these types of questions.

So I want to address what is entailed in the final product, or what is included as far as agreements in the final product of a divorce judgment, divorce agreement or stipulation or whatever you want to call it.

So first of all, the divorce is going to handle everything. It’s not just that you will end up divorced and single. The divorce is going to take care of dividing up all your properties, all your assets and debts that you accumulated during the marriage will be distributed.

You will have to make a decision if you’ve bought a house, if you’ve got cars or a 401 case, pensions and so forth – those things are going to need to be divided and that will be included in the property order portion of the judgment where you will say who is getting what and how things are going to be divided.

So property is one of the things that are addressed in the divorce.

The next thing is if you also have children that will also be discussed. We’re talking about child custody, child visitation, and child support.

That is something you’ll have to figure out as well. So you’re going to have specific child custody and visitation orders, are you going to have a specific parenting plan or you’re going to have an open plan, perhaps as you’re married you took care of the kids as you did whoever was available to pick them up, you can do that as well.

Or you can have a very specific “My husband will pick up the kids from Mondays through Thursdays, from this time to that time and he’ll have them, I’ll have them this time.” it can be very specific.

Child custody and visitation also known as a parenting plan is included in the divorce when you get divorced.

Child support also will be addressed as well as spousal support. So anything that you can imagine that will have to do with getting a divorce is what’s included in the divorce.

You aren’t just getting a divorce. You also have to address all the assets and debts, all the property, your children and anything else that had to do with your marriage will be addressed in the judgment.

Any other agreements that you want to have will be addressed in the judgment so once you get divorced, everything will be your separate property, you will have a parenting plan in place, and you will have spousal support and child support number set and that’s what I want to talk about today since I get that question quite a bit.

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