Divorce And Real Estate With Connor MacIvor

Divorce And Real Estate With Connor MacIvor

Tim: Alright, this is Tim Blankenship and we are here live with Connor MacIvor. This is our fifth live broadcast.

Connor: Oh, very good!

Tim: And we almost got things wired pretty well. So today we’re talking Real Estate and Divorce.

And I’ve wrote down some questions even for you. And I have some very cool slides. We wanted to share it with everyone.

So let’s take a look. How about that?

Connor: That’s awesome! I appreciate you have me on your show.

Tim: Yes.

Connor: …as well this is such an important topic especially with what you do for a living and what we do as a living.

This comes up and it’s a painful process a lot of the time.

Tim: Yes.

Connor: Very few times is it easy.

Tim: Yes, and if you have property and you have Real Estate and you’re getting Divorce it has to be dealt with.

Connor: Yes.

Tim: In the Divorce one way or another. So I wanted to get these types of videos out there so people know what options they have.

Because usually when they call us they have no idea. The first time let’s say they realized they have to do something is actually call our office and start the services with us.

Connor: Plus a lot of times something that’s interesting to know as well it’s like buying a new car. You go out. You go to the dealership.

You find the car you like. You test drive. You take it out. Prior to that, you’ve probably never seen that car much at all.

After you buy it it’s everywhere.

Tim: Right.

Connor: Everybody has most cars. The same thing when you’re starting to go through the process of Divorce everybody now becomes an expert.

They may have never been Divorced but all of the sudden you’re getting all these information. You got to do this. You got to do that.

This is what you need to talk to this. This is what you need to do. And in essence a lot of people get mislead that way.

Tim: That’s probably the one the biggest challenge that we faces in all aspect of the Divorce is people talking to friends.

We’ve been through the Divorce process or haven’t like you’ve said, and giving them pointers or kind of put things in their head. It kept stirring the pot sometimes.

So you probably do a lot of Real Estate? You’ve been doing this a long time?

Connor: Yes. We got in 1998. So that’s when we started. I started in a couple different smaller brokerages when I’m down in San Fernando Valley.

I was a full time cop at that time. Paris my partner in Real Estate came about the following year.

So 1999 and she settled with Cola Banker for a little while and then REMAX is where we both been since–

Tim: Forever?

Connor: 1999 or 2000 so as far as, do we sell a lot? We’re top 5, top 10.

Tim: Yes.

Connor: It’s just going to depend on month, time of year, number of foreclosings.

Tim: Sure.

Connor: As far as Divorce goes this is something that coming from the background of law enforcement, there’s a lot of Divorce there.

A lot of Divorce amongst attorneys, a lot of Divorce amongst contractors and sheriffs, so—

Connor: Yes, we’ve dealt with that for sure.