How To Complete Fee Waiver For Your Santa Clarita Divorce

We have been helping a lot of folks over the last few weeks going through divorce in Santa Clarita to get fee waivers so they can avoid paying the filing fee for divorce.

The courts allow you to apply for a fee waiver if you meet certain requirements. Watch this short video which will explain more about fee waivers.

The courts provide a few different ways you can qualify for a fee waiver. Some are automatic qualifiers and others need to be decided by the court. Let's talk about a few of these.

When you are filling out the fee waiver request, the first way you can qualify is if you are one some type of government financial assistance. So if you are receiving food stamps, SSI, on welfare or most any other type of assistance, you will qualify for the free waiver. I am not exactly sure why, but my instinct tells me that if you are receiving these types of assistance, your income is obviously low and has been verified by some government agency.

The next way you can qualify is if your household income falls below the minimums as indicated on the fee waiver application. If so, simply mark the box that applies.

If you don't qualify under these first two options, you can apply by indicating that, despite having an income, that you cannot afford to pay the filing and pay your bills.

Essentially, you will have to complete a short financial declaration that will show your income, persons who lives with you and assets and debts. You will have to go into the courtroom and see the clerk and possibly the judge. They will review your fee waiver application and either approve it, deny it or allow you to make payments on the filing fee so you can file your divorce case.