Getting Divorced Is Not As Easy As Some Say – Santa Clarita

Getting Divorced Is Not As Easy As Some Say – Santa Clarita

This is to all those folks out there that were told by their friend, relative or even the Court’s self help center that you could represent yourself during your divorce and do it completely on your own.

It is true that you can represent yourself during your divorce. However, it is very unlikely that you will successfully navigate the court system and complete the divorce process on your own without some type of assistance.

I am not saying you are unable or incompetent. I am just saying that I have helped people get through their divorce, not because I am smarter, but because this is the area where I specialize and have helped do many people do.

It is like anything else in life. Lets make a sports analogy. Lets say you are really good at tennis. You have been playing for a while, maybe you played in high school and are very familiar with the game. You know your opponent and can figure them out right from the beginning and can predict what do to.

Now, lets say you are invited to play some other sport, maybe something less known like Lacrosse. I chose this because it is not very well known in Santa Clarita as it is in other countries but it is an up and coming sport out here.

Now, if you went to play lacrosse, you would probably make mistakes, be confused and have lots of setbacks. Eventually you will start to understand, but not be very sure of yourself. You might finish the game or perhaps you would sub-out and have someone go in for you.

What I am trying to say here by this analogy is that it is possible to do your own divorce. You will have setbacks, be confused, not understand and become frustrated at the process. You will have some understanding, but the time you invest in the process will not be well spent.

People who use our divorce services come from all walks of life and from various points in the divorce process. Some have sought our service from the very beginning while others have asked for our help after spending years trying to do it themselves.

Of course, in retrospect, it makes sense to come to us first. But regardless of what point you decide you need help, please understand that we can pick up where you left off and complete the divorce process for you.