Where Did You Get Stuck With Your California Divorce

People get stuck attempting to complete their California divorce at different points.  This means that people are calling on us for help with their divorce at different stages and we thought we would share these different stages as to suggest you are not alone.

Some people realize right from the get-go that they don’t have the time or desire to attempt their California divorce on their own.  These folks seek out our affordable California divorce service right from the beginning.  These folks will save much time and heartache.

The next place you may decide to get professional divorce assistance is after you have attempted to file your initial set of papers.  What we find is that folks will attempt to fill out the summons and petition and then have it rejected by the court.  Or if they did fill out the forms, they don’t know how to property serve and file the proof of service. We get many calls for assistance at this stage.

Sadly, filing the initial divorce documents is, by far, the easiest part of the divorce case.  The next step is preparing your preliminary declaration of disclosure.  We have talked about he complexity of these specific divorce forms in other articles.  These need to be property prepared and a specific form filed with the court.  We find that these financial disclosures are particularly troublesome for folks.

The last part of your California divorce case is having to complete the judgment.  The judgment is comprised of between 15 and 25 forms, all which will detail the agreements between you and your spouse, including distribution of assets and debts, parenting plans, child support, spousal support and any other agreements you want wrapped up in the divorce judgment.

We have found that people who have attempted to complete their own divorce will have to call us at some point.  The final judgment is the most difficult part and many people face numerous judgment rejections from the court which draw out the case for several years.

We recommend that you call our Santa Clarita Divorce Service from the very beginning so we can professionally prepare your divorce documents.  But regardless of where you have got stuck with your California divorce, we can pick up where you got stuck.

Breaking Down Divorce Into Understandable Terms | Santa Clarita Divorce

I was paid a nice compliment the other day.  A lady had called and said she had watched several of our Santa Clarita Divorce Videos on YouTube.

She went on to say how she liked the fact that we broke down the divorce process into terms she could understand.

And really, breaking down the divorce process is at the heart of what we do with our blogs, videos and podcasts.

We recognized that the divorce process in California is confusing.  While there is a lot of information out there on the web, it is hard to understand and is written in a way that makes you say, “what does that mean”?

So with that in mind, we have taken steps to break down the process in terms you and I can understand.  I will read something some lawyer or judge has said and then on video or in a blog post will say, “here is what this means in plain English”.

Another thing we have done in take the divorce process and break it down into understandable bits and pieces.  We take the process of divorce and make it more digestible by explaining what to do first and exactly how to do it.

We are fortunate to have many clients and lots of calls for help with divorce.  We simply take these questions we get and either write about them on our divorce blogs or post a video about it or do a podcast.  Sometimes we will do all three, just to make sure the information gets out there.

If you have questions about divorce, make sure to read this blog.  There are several hundred articles about divorce that we have written and answer most of the questions you will have about divorce and the process.

When you are ready to take the next step, please give us a call.  One phone call with us and you will walk away with a total understanding of the divorce process and what we can do to help you get through it.

We are a licensed divorce service in Santa Clarita and serve all of Los Angeles County.  Please call us at 661-281-0266 for assistance with your divorce.


Don’t Start Your Divorce On Your Own | Santa Clarita Divorce

As a self help divorce service in Santa Clarita, we are big proponents of doing your own divorce.  But we don’t recommend you actually do it yourself. Rather we suggest you use a divorce preparation service such as ours.

What we mean by saying we are proponents of doing your own divorce , we mean that you don’t need to hire an attorney to complete your divorce.  You can use our divorce service and because we don’t represent you, you are considered to be doing your own divorce.

We want to make a recommendation.  We suggest that you don’t attempt to do your own divorce without assistance.  We have found that many people start the divorce process, but are never able to finish it.

They are told that it is easy and they can do it themselves.  While this is technically true, it is a rare occasion when someone actually navigates the divorce process successfully on their own.

For those that do attempt to start their divorce, we find that when they come to us for help, it is much more work for us to fix the mistakes you have made on the paperwork than had we just prepared the entire divorce package.

We have clients who call us and want to know how much it would cost to finish their divorce and that they “have already completed most of the paperwork”.  Well, we have learned that the more paperwork “that has been completed” the more work it will actually be for us.

We have never had a client come to us, who had prepared some of the paperwork, where we did not have to fix something.

So what we do in these cases where someone has prepared some of their documents is to complete a case review.  We will look at everything you have done so far and make any corrections and amend the forms as necessary.

So don’t start your own divorce.  Because even if you come to us after doing some of the forms, we are likely going to have to spend more time fixing them.

Don’t Waste Your Time Attempting To Complete Your Santa Clarita Divorce

I am the first to say that it is possible to complete your own divorce.  To say anything else would be a lie.  But the fact that it is possible is far removed from what it will actually take to complete your own divorce if you attempt it on your own.

So why do I say it is a waste of time to attempt to complete your own divorce?  I will give you a few examples of issues and roadblocks you may face when attempting to do your own divorce.  While there are hundreds of issues you can come across when trying to do your own divorce, I will give the most common issues people face.

Believe it or not, completing some of the divorce forms is the easiest part. But many people make tons of mistakes on these forms.  And we are talking about capable people here.  It is just that the divorce forms are so foreign that it is hard to figure out what you are supposed to do in many cases.  So while completing the forms is the easiest part, most will fail to complete the forms correctly.

The next thing I see a lot when people are attempting to complete their own divorce is that they are unaware of how the process of divorce works.  For instance; What forms to complete and in what order, how to serve the divorce documents and which ones can be served by you and which need to be served by someone else.  Which forms have to be personally served and which ones can you mail.  Which forms are filed with the court and which ones are only served on your spouse.

I would consider the two issues above, that of how to complete the divorce forms and being familiar with the divorce process as the two biggest issues people have when attempting to complete their own divorce.  But there are hundreds of issues that can spiral off these to major problems.  There are so many decisions you have to make and so many easy mistakes to make.

This is why we say you should not waste your time attempting to complete your own divorce.  There is just too many things that can go wrong.  I can’t tell you how much business I get where people have tried to do their own divorce for months and sometimes years, only to come to us for assistance after wasting so much of their valuable time.


Filed For Divorce But May Want To Reconcile | Santa Clarita Divorce

I had a newer client call me today and ask if it was possible to slow down the divorce process because they were thinking they might be able to reconcile.

We had filed their divorce earlier in the month and had mailed out the divorce documents to his wife.  We were doing a simplified service where the spouse only need sign saying she received the documents.  Their question was whether they should sign the notice of acknowledgment of receipt or just hold off on everything.

Here are your options if you fall into this situation.  First, you can simply not sign anything.  Just hold off on having your spouse served and wait to see if things work out.  This is what the 6 months cooling off period is for.  The only issue you may run into is this.  If you don’t serve your spouse within 60 to 90 days, the court will set a case management conference to have you appear in court and explain the situation of what is going on.

So this first option is good idea if your spouse knew you filed for divorce.  Why do I say this?  Because if you filed for divorce and your spouse has no idea and then received a notice in the mail from the court addressed from you and opens it, they will see that you filed for divorce.  This will not be a good day for you if this happens.

The next option is to use the notice of acknowledgement of receipt of divorce form and have them sign it.  They can sign in and then just don’t file it.  Hold onto it until you are sure you are going through with the divorce.  This will not slow anything down if you later decide to move forward.  The date your spouse was served will be the day they signed it, even if you file it months later.

One more option would simply be to complete the process of service of your divorce.  Then you don’t have to worry about the court setting any court dates.  But serving your spouse can be kind of official and if you are trying to reconcile, you may want to avoid serving your spouse as that almost always sets a negative tone.

Started My Divorce And Now Need Help | Santa Clarita Divorce

If you started your own divorce and now need help, you are not alone.  Many people are convinced that they can complete the divorce process on their own.

While there are people that get through the divorce process on their own, they did not do it without facing many problems along the way.  How do I know this?  Because I have lots of people who call me who started their divorce and later found that it was not as easy a process as they thought it was going to be.

People who start their own divorce generally feel that their divorce is pretty cut and dry because they either have an agreement on the terms of the divorce or because they figure it is just a matter of filing out a bunch of forms.

While it is true that the divorce process is just filing out a bunch of forms, a large percentage of people who take on the divorce process on their own are not able to succesfully complete the divorce process without some outside assistance.

That is where we come in.  If you have started your divorce and realize that you are not going to complete it on your own, there is help.  Maybe you got in over your head and the paperwork got confusing or perhaps you got through all the paperwork, only to submit you final judgment paperwork and have it rejected by the court.  What’s worse, is that your case was rejected for forms you completed several months ago in which the clerk stamped, but did not say there was anything wrong with them.  Frustrating to say the least.

We can assist you with your div0rce regardless of where you are at in the process.  We get lots of cases every week which are at different points in the divorce process.  Some have just filed and others did all the paperwork,  but later found they had wasted their time becuase it was all incorrect.

If you need assistance, please give us a call.   We would be happy to take a look at your divorce paperwork and complete a quick review to see where you went wrong. Often, we find that the very first documents completed were wrong and need to start from the begining.  Sometimes we find that the other party was never served.  Rest assured, we will get to the bottom of it and make sure your divorce case is completed.

We are a divorce document prepa

Should You Sign Divorce Papers You Have Been Mailed – Santa Clarita Divorce

So there is a lot of confusing about divorce, that much we can agree on. That is why i write all these articles on divorce and record videos. It is all about getting information out there to lessen the confusion.

Today we are talking about what you should do if you are mailed divorce papers and asked to sign for them. The reason we are explaining this is because people think that if they sign papers they received, that it means that they agree. This is not true.

What we are talking about here is the very first papers filed in a divorce. These first document have to be personally served on your spouse. But there is a way that you can simply mail the forms to your spouse if they are willing to sign a document which says they received them.

But here is the problem. Spouses receive the divorce documents and think by signing anything that they are agreeing to what is contained in the divorce papers. This could not be further from the truth.

The form we are talking about here is the notice of acknowledgment of receipt. It is a form one signs to acknowledge having received the paperwork. It says nothing to the effect that by signing you agree to anything. In fact, it says right on the form that this is not a response form and if you disagree with anything in the divorce papers you were served, that you need to file a response.

Let me help drive this point home. I previously stated that these initial divorce documents normally have to be served. So if your spouse hires a process server and has someone hand deliver them to you, does that mean you agree to what is contained in the divorce papers? Of course not.

Signing the notice of acknowledgment of receipt is not different. The only reason not to sign that you received the divorce papers is to be difficult. At least that is what i tell my clients when they say their spouse won't sign indicating they received the papers.

If people would just take a few seconds to actually read the forms they will realize that what i am saying it true.


How To Keep Your Divorce Amicable – Santa Clarita

How To Keep Your Divorce Amicable – Santa Clarita

There are lots of benefits of having an amicable divorce in Santa Clarita. Probably the biggest advantage is cost. With an amicable divorce, you don’t need to hire an attorney which will save you a ton of money.

There are some things you can do to help keep your divorce amicable throughout the process. The common theme throughout this will be communication.

First, prior to filing for divorce it is a good idea that you try to discuss getting divorced. Try to have a few conversations with your spouse and come up with a plan. Those with a plan of action fare much better.

This means deciding on when to file, who is going to file and agreeing on a divorce document preparation company like us to meet with.

One or both of you can meet with us to make sure you are comfortable using our service. When you meet with us, we will explain the divorce process in full so both parties understand exactly what to expect throughout the process.

The next thing to do to keep your divorce amicable is to avoid hiring a process server. Nobody like having some stranger walk up to them and be handed divorce papers and told they are being served. We can help you avoid having to do this. In fact, you could simply have the spouse that needs to be served come to our office and pick up the documents. We will complete the necessary forms to tell the court that service was completed.

Most issues that come up will be about custody and visitation of children or about money. We will show you how to use the courts free services to help you understand the law so you can make decisions on any issues that you are having trouble coming to an agreement on.

Using the ideas in the article will help keep your divorce amicable. Give us a call so we can come up with a plan for you to keep things running smooth during your divorce.

Getting Divorced And Spouse Avoiding Service Santa Clarita

Getting Divorced And Spouse Avoiding Service Santa Clarita

It only takes one to get divorce and there is nothing your spouse can do to top you. But they can make it more difficult.

In most cases getting the other spouse served the divorce papers is a non issue. You either hire a process server or mail the forms following the guidelines on doing so.

But sometimes the process is not so smooth when a spouse wants to play games or be difficult. The issue with delaying the process of service is that you cannot move on until they are served.

I have two such cases currently. The first is a young couple who’s husband is playing cat and mouse with the process server. He was told wife was filing and for unknown reasons is avoiding being served.

All this is causing is a delay in the case and costing his wife more money because the process server is spending a lot more time trying to serve him. They now have to sit outside the home and conduct surveillance and get him somewhere between the front door of the house and the car.

They have already been to the home several times and he lives with room mates. He does not come to the door and they can tell they have been instructed to tell him that the husband is not home.

In the other case, the wife is being difficult in being served. The process server waits outside the house for her to come home from work. She knows there is someone waiting to serve her so pulls into the garage and closes the door.

Again, all that happens is more time is spent trying to serve her. Because she is doing this, husband decided to serve her at work which will cause her a bit of embarrassment.

When you work with us we try to keep everything going smoothly and explain the process in detail so you understand the divorce process. We try to avoid having these contentious issues in the beginning or at all for that matter.

Do You Need A Process Server For Your Santa Clarita Divorce

Do You Need A Process Server For Your Santa Clarita Divorce

There are some misunderstandings about if you need a process server for your divorce. The reason is because the answer is yes and no and depends on the circumstances. We will explain here.

Normally, the first paper that is filed on your spouse needs to be done by personal service. This would mean hiring a process server or having someone over the age of 18 who is not involved in the case serve your papers.

For instance, if you were the one to file for divorce, you would have to have them served personally. It can even be a family member. One of my clients recently had their adult child hand her dad the papers. This was obviously an amicable divorce situation where everyone was on board.

But there are times where you can simply mail the initial divorce forms to your spouse. When possible, this is my preferred method of serving divorce papers.

There is a form you can use to send the initial divorce documents to your spouse. It is called a notice of acknowledgement of receipt. You have to mail it with 2 copies and have to make sure to check the boxes that says you are serving the summons and petition and any other forms you happen to be mailing to the respondent.

When you use this form, you still have to have to complete a proof of service of summons. This is another area i see where people have issues.

When you mail the initial documents using the notice of acknowledgment of receipt, you need to also complete the proof of service and file both forms with the court. You will check the box that says you used this form and complied with the rules when doing so.

We are a licensed and bonded legal document preparation company that specializes in divorce.